10 Examples of Second Conditional | Second Conditional Examples

10 examples of second conditional! Are you looking to improve your knowledge of conditional sentences? If yes, you have opened the right article. In this article, you’ll learn 10 examples of second conditional that include all the three-structure positive, negative, and second conditional questions. But first, we will briefly introduce what actually a second conditional is and how you use and structure second conditional sentences.

10 Examples of Second Conditional

What is the second conditional? The second conditional, also called conditional type 2, is a conditional sentence that we use to talk about an imaginary or unlikely situation or a situation that is impossible in the present or future. We usually introduce it using the word ‘if’ than simple past tense, which is called the conditional clause, i.e. (if + past simple). Other words used to introduce the condition include in case, when, provided, that, etc., in the second part of the second conditional, i.e., result clause we use would (wouldn’t) could/might + verb. Thus, the second conditional has the following structure.
If + Simple Past, would/could/might + Verb
Would/Could/Might + Verb + If + Simple Past
Note: The past tense does not refer to the past time.

10 Examples of Second Conditional Sentences (Second Conditional Example)

The following are 10 examples of the second conditional.

  • If you invested your money, it would grow. (But you haven’t invested it)
  • If you didn’t have much money, you wouldn’t buy those shoes.
  • I would call his father if the boy tried to kill the dog.
  • What would happen if turn off that light?
  • What would you do if that man were you?
  • If that guy tried to rob the woman, I would call the police.
  • He would love it if you became his roommate.
  • If you tried several times, you could ride.
  • If I visited Paris, I would be so happy.
  • If I were you, I’d be in time for work. ((But I am not you.)

Note: I’d is the contracted form for I would.


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