20 Examples of Demonstrative Pronouns in Sentences

20 examples of demonstrative pronouns in sentences! A demonstrative pronoun is a pronoun that points at the person or thing spoken about. It shows the reader or listener the exact position of the object the sentence describes. Demonstrative pronoun shows whether someone or something is near or far.

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Examples of Demonstrative Pronouns

The following are demonstrative pronouns.

  • This (It shows one nearby person or thing)
  • That (It points out one for away object or person)
  • These (It is used for two or more objects nearby)
  • Those (Used for two or more things far away)
20 Examples of Demonstrative Pronouns in Sentences

What are the 20 Examples of Demonstrative Pronouns in Sentences?

The following are 20 examples of demonstrative pronouns in sentences. In each sentence, the word written in bold is a demonstrative pronoun.

  1. This is the house I want to sell.
    (It shows the bike is near the person speaking)
  2. This is the house I want to live in.
  3. That is the boy who gives me money.
    (It means the boy is far from the person speaking)
  4. That is the woman who paid my school fees.
  5. These are the shoes I bought yesterday.
    (It means the shoes are very close to the speaker)
  6. These are the men who lost their goats.
    (The sentences indicate the men are nearby, probably some distance away from the speaker)
  7. Those are the students who wrote the novel.
  8. Those are the boys who broke the chairs.
  9. On her arm, you will see a hen. That is how you will recognize her.
    (The demonstrative pronoun that refers to the antecedent hen.)
  10. Can you see the parcel I’m holding? This is the gift for the first position holder.
    (The demonstrative pronoun “this” refers to the antecedent parcel.)
  11. That is my father’s office.
  12. These are the papers I found in the garden.
  13. So tell me about that new friend of yours.
  14. Come and look at these photos.
  15. Did you read this book?
  16. Those who won the match
  17. Do you like these people?
  18. I really love this.
  19. That is Ahmad standing by the gate.
  20. That child is quite beautiful.

20 Examples of Pronouns in Sentences

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