20 Examples of Indefinite Pronouns in Sentences

20 examples of indefinite pronouns in sentences! Pronouns in English are essential parts of speech that we use for people, places, and things. By using pronouns, we can do all the functions we can do with nouns. Some words (pronouns) are used instead of nouns in vague and general meaning, i.e., they do not point at specific persons or things; we called these words indefinite pronouns. For example, look at this sentence and notice the word someone, which is an indefinite pronoun. You’ll have to ask someone else. We can easily understand from this sentence that the pronoun someone represents a human being, but we don’t have any further information about them.

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Indefinite pronouns include the following.  

  • All
  • Anything
  • Another
  • Everybody
  • Any
  • Everything
  • Anyone
  • Many
  • Each
  • Few
  • Either
  • No one
  • Everyone
  • One
  • Much
  • Others
  • Neither
  • Someone
  • Nobody
  • None
  • Several
  • Some
  • Somebody

What Are the 20 Examples of Indefinite Pronouns in Sentences?

20 Examples of Indefinite Pronouns in Sentences

Read the following sentences to know how you use indefinite pronouns in sentences.

  • One should do one’s duty sincerely.
  • Every parcel is in good condition, isn’t it?
  • Nothing is correct, Is it?
  • None of your friends invited me.
  • Maybe a few students work hard.
  • Everybody can speak Urdu, can’t they?
  • No one can lift this parcel, can they?
  • One of them will present the project, won’t they?
  • Anybody can pass this test if they try.
  • Everyone hates this man.
  • Almost everything goes well for us.
  • Is anybody in the room?
  • Many students fail in the exam.
  • Some people never eat this meat.
  • Nobody came here for help.
  • None of us knew he would leave the hostel.
  • Several of the buildings were destroyed during the earthquake.
  • There is nothing in my bag.
  • This diet is appropriate for only a few.
  • It doesn’t matter where we go. Either restaurant is fine.
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