20+ Examples of Relative Pronouns in Sentences, Relative Pronouns List and Examples

What are Relative Pronouns?

20+ Examples of Relative Pronouns in Sentences! The pronouns such as who, whom, which, that, etc. that we used to join two sentences that contain identical nouns or pronouns are called relative pronouns.

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We use relative pronouns to join sentences. A sentence becomes a subordinate clause in which the noun is replaced by a relative pronoun.

Who, Where, Whom, When, Whose, Which, That

What Are 20+ Examples of Relative Pronouns in Sentences

20 Examples of Relative Pronouns in Sentences
  • I saw an older man who could not walk.
  • The student who is clever succeeds every year.
  • That is the man whom I gave the money at the train station.
  • I don’t know that boy whom you spoke to.
  • This is the bike that caused the accident.
  • Do you know a teacher whose wealth is excellent?
  • Wait there for us at the same place as you did a week before.
  • The boy who broke the cup was her son.
  • I was trying to drive the car which/that my father bought me.
  • The holiday was a lovely time that we enjoyed.
  • He taught me how to solve this type of complex question.
  • This is all what we have.
  • The boy who came here is an orphan.
  • The men whom we paid were working in our company.
  • This is the building which our family live in.
  • That is the man whose car hit the dog.
  • Every piece of paper and book which/that is on the table is all mine.
  • The man that I saw yesterday has been kidnapped along with his son and car.
  • We finally reached the place that his brother had been waiting on for several hours.
  • They haven’t interviewed the man whose house burned down last night.
  • There is no one who can satisfy us more than this teacher.
  • I will go on the way which is shorter.
  • I watched several movies that were really good.
  • The teacher noticed the students who were smoking at the corner.
  • The building which they built cost him Rs. 6,70,0000.

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