30+ Examples of Pronouns in a Sentence

What is a Pronoun? A word that takes the place of a noun is called a pronoun. A noun that a pronoun refers back to is called the antecedent.
Examples of pronouns are I, you, he, she, It, they, we, us, them, her, him, his, ours, theirs
Why are pronouns used? Sometimes, we do not want to repeat the person’s name many times in our writing and speech. To avoid the use of nouns several times, we need to use a pronoun (he, you, it, we, etc. are pronouns) to replace the person’s name. We must need to replace a noun with the correct pronoun. A noun used for male should be replaced with a male pronoun and a female noun with a female pronoun.

For example
Ahmad changes to “he”;
Sarah changes to “she”;
a book changes to “it.”
It is the right way to use pronouns in a sentence.

30+ Examples of Pronouns in a Sentence

30 Examples of Pronouns in a Sentence

The following are examples of pronouns in a sentence. Each word written in bold is a pronoun.
1- He waved at me.
2- This is the man who saw the thief.
3- The professor whose son was murdered died last month.
4- The boy, whom that girl wants to marry, is ill.
5- This is the wallet which I promised to give to my friend.
6- The money that my brother sent to my mom was stolen.
7- This is an exciting book.
8- That is the boy who helped me.
9- These are the mangoes dad bought yesterday.
10- Those are the men who stole my car.
11- The two boys fought each other every day.
12- Everyone hates that man.
13- Everything goes well here.
14- Is anybody inside?
15- Many students failed the final exam.
16- Some of my friends here have already met the Prime Minister.
17- Nobody agreed with us.
18- None of us leave the party early.
19- Each boy and each girl need to present their projects.
20- Several of the animals died during the fire outbreak.
21- What is your name?
22- Who sent this letter to you?
23- Which of the bed is yours?
24- Whose baby is missing?
25- I have bought myself a new car.
26- You can solve that yourself.
27- He sees himself in the mirror.
28- He himself digs the hole.
29- She sees herself in the mirror.
30- Will we be able to do it ourselves?
31- Did they enjoy themselves at the seashore?
32- You see yourselves in the mirror.
33- The dog licked itself all over.

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