30 Sentences in Simple Past Tense (Examples of Past Tense)

30 Sentences in Simple Past Tense! We use simple past verb forms when we want to express completed actions, states, and hypothetical actions, states, or events. We use the second form of the verb, such as went, loved, played, slept, grew, took, ate, etc., to formulate the simple past tense.

In this post, you’ll learn 30 sentences in simple past tense, including three types of sentences, i.e., positive, negative, and interrogative.

Positive Sentences in Simple Past Tense

30 Sentences in Simple Past Tense
  • I never drank wine.
  • The laborers worked hard all day.
  • We waited in line for tickets.
  • He bought this mobile two years ago.
  • We first met at a mutual friend’s party at the University.
  • She accidentally cut her hand.
  • Every student at the party wore a costume.
  • We lived on this street in the 1995s.
  • Our family celebrated his success three days ago.
  • They built a house for a young brother.

Simple Past Tense Examples Negative Sentences

  • I didn’t remember his face.
  • She didn’t go to work before 8:00.
  • She didn’t find her lost money an hour before.
  • The bus didn’t arrive at 9.00 at the filling station yesterday
  • His children did not come to school on time.
  • My roommate did not like these shoes.
  • I did not need help with the homework.
  • The police did not blame her for the accident.
  • The baby didn’t sleep well last night.
  • They didn’t explore the issues.

Simple Past Tense Examples Interrogative Sentences

  • Did he sell some of his land?
  • Did the class elect a new class representative?
  • Did the postman deliver the interview letter?
  • How far did you climb?
  • Who wrote this novel?
  • When we were in England, we visited London, Liverpool, and Nottingham.
  • Which way did the car turn?
  • Did you warn your brother to stay away from this boy?
  • Where did your family move?
  • Did the company head inform them of the change of duty?

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