50 Examples of Verbs with Sentences

50 examples of verbs with sentences! Verbs in the English language are one of the most important parts of speech, which express an action or state of someone or something. They are the asserting words. Without them, it is impossible to make sentences. On the other hand, it is possible to make a sentence with a single verb, such as Go. Eat and Wait. These are called one-word sentences.

There are thousands of verbs in English, but in this article, you’ll learn 50 examples of verbs in English, including both regular and irregular verbs.

List of 50 Examples of Verbs

50 Examples of Verbs with Sentences
  1. Abandon
  2. Absorb
  3. Accept
  4. Accompany
  5. Accomplish
  6. Act
  7. Address
  8. Agree
  9. Ask
  10. Bring 
  11. Buy 
  12. Call
  13. Come
  14. Compare
  15. 100 Regular Verbs with Past and Past Participle Forms in English
  16. Decide 
  17. Decorate 
  18. Edit
  19. Eject
  20. Elevate
  21. Follow 
  22. Familiarize
  23. Fly
  24. Focus 
  25. Grade
  26. Grate 
  27. Grid
  28. Had
  29. Has
  30. Invite
  31. Know
  32. Lock
  33. Lose
  34. May
  35. Purchase
  36. See
  37. Shut
  38. Sing
  39. Sink
  40. Sit
  41. Sleep
  42. Slide
  43. Smell
  44. Speak
  45. Take
  46. Talk
  47. Turn
  48. Walk
  49. Was
  50. Watch
  51. Will

What Are 50 Examples of Verbs with Sentences in English?

The following sentences contain 50 examples of verbs. Some of them are auxiliary, and the others are main verbs. In each sentence, the words written in bold are verbs. 

  • He had already known me for two years when I met him.
  • Did you want to see it now?
  • It was abandoned years ago.
  • The towels absorbed the spilled syrup.
  • He lives in the United States, but I speak to him daily via Skype.
  • I locked the door and left the office.
  • She walks slowly to the checkout.
  • They do not agree with me at all.
  • Birds usually fly south in the winter.
  • I had invited all her friends.
  • They don’t accept personal checks.
  • Polar bears often slide on the snow.
  • I will accompany the singers on the guitar.
  • You had lost your number, so you had to wait outside.
  • I usually sleep late on Friday.
  • He will accomplish his goal.
  • Those flowers smell gorgeous.
  • The intelligent students usually sit in the front row.
  • The vast waves have sunk the ship.
  • Think before you act.
  • I was watching TV when you called.
  • He purchases many things that he likes.
  • Some people feel good when they sing in the shower.
  • Always shut the door when you come in the house.
  • The prime minister addressed the waiting crowd.
  • The woman may not have been entirely truthful.
  • He asked for help.
  • He has bought a brand-new car.
  • He took a mango from the mango tree.

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