50 Sentences of Active and Passive Voice: Active to Passive Voice Sentences

50 Sentences of Active and Passive Voice! When we want to write something, there are two different ‘voices’ that can be used, called the active voice and the passive voice.  They are one of the most complained about things in the English language. We have put together the article on active and passive voice sentences.

Must Learn: Active and Passive Voice-Meaning & Formula with Examples

List of 50 Sentences of Active and Passive Voice in English

50 Sentences of Active and Passive Voice-1
Active VoicePassive Voice
Ahmad loves SaraSara is loved by Ahmad.
He opened the gate.The gate was opened by him.
Does he beat you?Are you beaten by him?
Who did this?By whom was this done?
He might tell you about the issue.The issue might be told about.
He did it.It was done by him.
They knew us.We were known to them.
Please stop the noise.Let the noise be stopped.
Who taught her economics?By whom was she taught economics?
It may help you.You may be helped with it.
We must help people experiencing poverty.People experiencing poverty must be helped.
I am working on my project.My project is being worked on by me.
I have taught him for several months.He has been taught by me for several months.
You will never do this.This will never be done by you.
Do I have to clean the kitchen?Does the kitchen have to be cleaned by me?
We are expecting good news.Good news is being expected.
He has sold his car.His car has been sold by him.
I saw you and her.You and she were seen by me.
They have sold their car.Their car has been sold by them.
Police will arrest him.He will be arrested.
He is going to make another model.Another model is going to be made.
The baby does not drink the milk.The milk isn’t drunk.
He did not write the essay.The essay was not written.
Do people speak Urdu?Is Urdu spoken?
Did he buy a new computer?Was a new computer bought?
Can they answer the question?Can the question be answered?
Where did he hide the bag?Where was the bag hidden?

Examples of Active and Passive Voice Sentences

50 Sentences of Active and Passive Voice-2
Active VoicePassive Voice
She had been painting the room.The room had been painted.
Someone has stolen my mobile.My mobile has been stolen.
They have been repairing the bike.The bike has been repaired.
Someone is watching the news.The news is being watched.
Someone has repaired my phone.My phone has been repaired.
Ahmad presented a gift to his son.A gift was presented to Ahmad’s son.
Someone cleans my room every day.My room is cleaned every day.
Who killed the mouse?By whom was the mouse killed?
Nobody answered the question.The question was not answered.
This question cannot be solved.Nobody can solve this question.
They have painted the building.The building has been painted by them.
People believe that he isn’t his actual enemy.It’s believed that he isn’t his actual enemy.
OR He is believed to be innocent.
He is going to eat the meat.The meat is going to be eaten by him.
He has a bike.A bike is owned by him.
OR  A bike belonged to him.
People speak well of him.He is well-spoken of.
Nobody has seen me yet.I was not seen yet.
She gives him a present.He is given a present.
OR  A present is given to him.
People say that she is an intelligent teacher.It is said that she is an intelligent teacher.
I think it is dangerous.It is thought to be dangerous.
Don’t open the window.Don’t let the window be opened.
Don’t let people mock you.Don’t let yourself mocked (by people).
She made him play the piano.He was made to play the piano.
His brother gave me a lot of gifts.A lot of gifts were given to me by his brother.

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