50 Sentences of Could: Could Example Sentences

How do you use could in a sentence? The word could belong to a group of modal verbs. The following are 50 sentences of could in positive, negative and interrogative forms. The modal verb “could” in each sentence expresses possibility or past ability, suggestions or requests. We also use could in conditional sentences as the conditional or past form of can. The negative of could is could not.

50 Sentences of Could

50 Sentences with the Word Could

Could in Positive Sentences

In positive sentences, ‘could’ is followed by the main verb in its base form.

Subject + Could + Main Verb

  • Your brother could go to jail for stealing the bike.
  • He could be responsible for his many mistakes.
  • It could rain later.
  • I could speak several languages before I was eighteen.
  • Why doesn’t he go to school? You could use my bike.
  • The boy said I could use his phone.
  • I wonder why he isn’t here? He could still be waiting for a train.
  • We could get there at any time.
  • If you need more space, you could buy a bigger flat.
  • She didn’t tell me she had no money. I could have lent her some.
  • Look at those clouds. It could start raining anytime.
  • I could leave work and go to the stadium today.
  • We could make a total recovery one day.
  • They could go out for dinner after work on Sunday.
  • Two years ago, I could run 2500 meters in 30 minutes.
  • If you heat the cylinder, it could explode.
  • How old is he? He could be thirteen.

50 Sentences of Could (Could in Negative Sentences)

Insert the word ‘not’ between could and the main verb to make a sentence negative.
Subject + Could + Not + Main Verb

  • The player couldn’t play very well.
  • She said she couldn’t give us money.
  • Some dogs were able to smell survivors that people could not find.
  • I couldn’t understand their language.
  • It couldn’t possibly rain this evening.
  • I couldn’t read when I started school.
  • I couldn’t purchase it last year because it was too expensive.
  • She couldn’t walk when she was three months old.
  • I couldn’t hear her voice on the phone very well.
  • I couldn’t guess what his response would be.
  • He couldn’t pass the examination.
  • It couldn’t have been an easy decision.
  • Yesterday they had to help a boy who couldn’t get down from a tree.
  • My dad was on a diet, so that he couldn’t eat meat.
  • I couldn’t solve it. It was too lengthy and difficult.

Could in Interrogative Sentences

Could + Subject + Main Verb

  • Could you understand a thing he said?
  • Brother, could I spend the night here?
  • Could we have some more juice?
  • Could I help you write what you want?
  • Could I talk to him for some time?
  • Couldn’t I please go to the stadium?
  • Couldn’t we pay by cheque?
  • Could we choose what we wanted to eat?
  • Could you please show me your assignment?
  • My phone has disappeared! Who could have taken it?
  • Excuse me, could you take this parcel for me?
  • Excuse me, could you explain this topic again, please?
  • Could you possibly take your shirt off, please?
  • Could I come in? No, you can’t!
  • Could you phone me when you are free?
  • She couldn’t lift it, could she?
  • Could I speak to the manager, please?
  • Could you move a little?

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