50 Sentences of Would: Verb Would Examples

How can you use would in a sentence? The modal verb would that followed by an infinitive without to. The negative is would not, and it can be contracted as wouldn’t. The positive or affirmative short form of would is ‘d. The following are 50 sentences of would in the affirmative, negative and interrogative.

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The affirmative sentences would follow the base form of the main verb. In negative sentences, the word ‘not’ goes after ‘would’ and before the main verb. To make interrogative sentences, we interchange the subject with would.

50 Sentences of Would: Modal Verb Would Example Sentences

50 Sentences of Would

Structure and Examples of would Affirmative Sentences

Subject + Would + Verb

  • It would be the best idea.
  • She said that she would go out.
  • When I went to London, I would often eat in restaurants.
  • Whenever my dad was angry, he would just walk out of the home.
  • I would rather go. (I would prefer to go)
  • I would like to meet your family.
  • I wish this violent storm would stop.
  • I should buy the bike if your brother would sell it.
  • I would buy more expensive shoes if I had more money.
  • I would go to school by bus.
  • I hoped that he would win.
  • The baby would be sleeping.
  • I would like to talk to the manager.
  • The woman said her son would be seven next birthday.
  • When my son was little, he would ride his bicycle around and around the yard.
  • That coat would be expensive.
  • I do wish you would hurry up!
  • We would prefer to leave early today if the manager doesn’t mind.
  • I would phone him, but I haven’t got his number.

Structure and Examples of would Negative Sentences

Subject + Would + not + Verb

  • The teacher wouldn’t come today.
  • I tried a lot, but the car wouldn’t start yesterday morning.
  • He would not succeed.
  • He promised that he wouldn’t be late.
  • I wish you wouldn’t ride the bike so fast.
  • She wouldn’t study at noon.
  • I wouldn’t go to school by car.
  • That wouldn’t be easy.
  • We wouldn’t work on Sunday.
  • I was hoping he wouldn’t forget to bring his laptop.
  • The car wouldn’t start this morning.
  • She wouldn’t dream of hurting the man.
  • I wouldn’t go to that market if I were you.
  • I wouldn’t remember his face. I was just seven when I last met him.
  • The bus wouldn’t carry more than 50 passengers.

Structure and Examples of would Interrogative Sentences

Would + Subject + Verb

The interrogative sentences can also be made with other question words such as which, why, who, etc. In this case, would doesn’t come at the beginning of that sentence.

  • Would you have a drink?
  • Would you give me the pen for some time, please?
  • What would you purchase for your sister’s birthday?
  • Would you like a ride?
  • Would he leave?
  • Would you care for some piece of cake?
  • Would you mind waiting a moment, please?
  • Would you pass me that cup, please?
  • Which dress would you like?
  • Would you please close the door?
  • Would you like me to clean the room for you?
  • Would you please teach my brother?
  • Would you like another bottle of cold drink?
  • Carry the bag for me, would you?
  • Would you mind if I open the door?
  • Would you marry her? No, I wouldn’t.

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