Arise Past Tense- Forms of Arise Present, Past, and Past Participle

Past tense of arise: The verb arise is an irregular verb. The past tense and the past participle of arise is arose and arisen respectively. The principal forms and arise verb conjugation are given below
Meaning: To wake up
Infinitive: To arise
Perfect Infinitive: To have arisen
Present: Arise (third-person singular arises)
Past: Arose
Past Participle: Arisen
Present Participle: Arising
Note: The verb arise never used in the passive voice.

Arise Verb Conjugation Indicative Mood

Present Simple Tense
  • I arise 
  • We arise 
  • You arise 
  • He/She/It) arises 
  • They arise
Past Simple Tense
  • I arose 
  • We arose 
  • You arose 
  • He/She/It) arose 
  • They arose
Future Simple Tense
  • I/We will arise 
  • He/She/It) will arise 
  • You/They will arise
Present Continuous Tense
  • I am rising
  • He/She/It is arising
  • We/You/They are arising
Past Continuous Tense
  • I was rising
  • He/She/It was arising
  • We/You/They were arising
Future Continuous Tense
  • I/We will be rising
  • He/She/It will be c
  • You/They will be arising
Present Perfect Tense
  • I/We have arisen 
  • He/She/It) has arisen 
  • You/They have arisen
Past Perfect Tense
  • I/We had arisen 
  • He/She/It) had arisen 
  • You/They had arisen
Future Perfect Tense
  • I/We will have arisen 
  • He/She/It) will have arisen 
  • You/They will have arisen
Present Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I/We have been arising 
  • He/She/It) has been arising 
  • You/They have been arising
Past Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I/We had been arising  
  • He/She/It) had been arising 
  • You/They had been arising
Future Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I/We will have been arising 
  • He/She/It) will have been arising 
  • You/They will have been arising

Arise Verb Conjugation Subjunctive Mood

  • If I arise 
  • If we arise 
  • If you arise 
  • If he (she, it) arise 
  • If they arise 
  • If I arose 
  • If we arose 
  • If you arose 
  • If he (she, it) arose 
  • If they arose 
  • If I should arise 
  • If we should arise 
  • If you should arise 
  • If he (she, it) should arise 
  • If they should arise
Example Sentences
  • I usually arise around five.
  • He arises every morning and has coffee.
  • The fish arose from the water.
  • She has arisen and has had a bowl of cereal.
  • Are there any problems arising from the last strike? 

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