Example Sentences of the Verb Build: Verb Build Examples in English

Example Sentences of the Verb Build! How do you use the verb build in a sentence? In this article, you’ll learn the forms (Present, Past, and Past Participle) of the verb build and their uses in sentences in all tenses, both in active and passive voice.

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Forms of the Verb Build:
Base Form/V1: Build
Past Simple: Built
Past Participle: Built
Gerund: Building

Example Sentences of the Verb Build

Example Sentences of the Verb Build in Present Tenses

Present Simple Active
I don’t have the money to build a new house.
Present Simple Passive
Nests were built by this bird almost anywhere.
Present Continuous Active
His family is building a new house by the river.
Present Continuous Passive
This farm is being built by my grandfather.
Present Perfect Active
The company doesn’t have built 100 homes in this area.
Present Perfect Passive
Many new schools and hospitals have been built in the last few years.
Present Perfect Continuous
The bird has been building a nest in that tree for 15 days.

Build Sentences in Past Tenses

Past Simple
His father built him a new investment package.
Past Simple Passive
This mosque was built in less than one month last year.
Past Continuous
They were building a good plan.
Past Continuous Passive
A house was being built near our school by them.
Past Perfect
Jack and Peterson have built many race cars together.
Past Perfect Passive
Her good reputation was built by her with honesty.
Past Perfect Continuous
The waves have been building since yesterday night.

Build Sentences in Future Tenses

Future (Will)
Active: I will build whatever the other students want.
Passive: I think the site will be built by an expert developer.
Future (Going To)
Active: I will build a kitchen into the dining room.
Passive: A two-car garage will be built for us by them.
Future Continuous
They will be building a new communication network.
Future Perfect
We will have built what we can afford.
Future Possibility
Her dad might have built this garden.

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