How to Use Slight Verb in a Sentence?

When used as a verb, the word slight means paying no attention to or disrespect or treating someone without proper respect or attention. Different forms of the verb slight are given below.
Present Form: Slight (Third person singular slights)
Past Form: Slighted 
Past Participle:  Slighted 
Present Participle:  Slighting 
How to Use Slight Verb in a Sentence

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Example Conjugation with Slight

Slight Simple Past Tense
  • I slighted.
  • It/He/She slighted.
  • We/They/You slighted.
Slight Simple Present Tense
  • I slight.
  • It/He/She slights.
  • We/They/You slight.
Slight Simple Future Tense
  • I will slight.
  • It/He/She will slight.
  • We/They/You will slight.
Slight Past Continuous Tense
  • I was slighting.
  • It/He/She was slighting.
  • We/They/You were slighting.
Slight Present Continuous Tense
  • I am slighting.
  • It/He/She is slighting.
  • We/They/You are slighting.
Slight Future Continuous Tense
  • I will be slighting.
  • It/He/She will be slighting.
  • We/They/You will be slighting.
Slight Past Perfect Tense
  • I had Slighted.
  • It/He/She had slighted.
  • We/They/You had slighted.
Slight Present Perfect Tense
  • I have slighted.
  • It/He/She has slighted.
  • We/They/You have slighted.
Slight Future Perfect Tense
  • I will have slighted.
  • It/He/She will have slighted.
  • We/They/You will have slighted.
Slight Past Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I had been slighting.
  • It/He/She had been slighting.
  • We/They/You had been slighting.
Slight Present Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I have been slighting.
  • It/He/She has been slighting.
  • We/They/You have been slighting.
Slight Future Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I will have been slighting.
  • It/He/She will have been slighting.
  • We/They/You will have been slighting.

Synonyms of the Verb Slight

  • Insult
  • Rebuff
  • Repulse 
  • Ignore 
  • Spurn
  • Snub

Antonyms of the Verb Slight

  • Respect
  • Welcome

Other Words from slight

Adjective: slight
Adverb: slightly 
Noun: slightness 

Slight Verb in a Sentence

  • I felt slighted when she invited everyone but me to her birthday party. 
  • I didn’t mean to slight her. 
  • His family slighted us.
  • I felt slighted because she didn’t consult me adequately.
  • The student was warned not to slight any other student.
  • You shouldn’t slight any man even if he is very poor.
  • My friend felt slighted because he hadn’t been contacted.
  • Did he slight you?
  • The man started slighting her after she failed to bring lunch on time. 

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