Noun Clause Examples: 30+ Examples of Noun Clause

Noun Clause Examples! A group of words that contains its own subject and predicate and does the work of a noun is called a noun clause. Noun clauses (sometimes called’ nominal clauses’) are often introduced by the word ‘that.’ However, not all noun clauses begin with that.

Must Learn: Noun Clause Definition and Function with Examples

The following are noun clause examples that begin with different words. In each sentence, the bold part is the noun clause.

Noun Clause Examples

Examples of Noun Clause Begin with that

  1. The news that the boy died proved to be untrue.
  2. That he will arrive is expected.
  3. They planned that they would travel to Russia.
  4. She expects that she will win the bike.
  5. I know that she is a clever girl.
  6. It is disappointing that he can’t come.
  7. Does the child deny that he stole the phone?
  8. We feel that he is telling a lie.
  9. I know that you walk to school every day.

Noun Clause Examples Begin with Question Words

  1. I don’t know where she goes to school.
  2. He isn’t happy where he stays now.
  3. What can’t be done must be remembered.
  4. We suppose what he did is right.
  5. I don’t believe in what she says.
  6. Does it matter when I go there?
  7. Are these what she is looking for?
  8. None of us know why he returns.
  9. I didn’t recognize the boy who was at the station yesterday.
  10. What happened yesterday will never be forgotten in my village.
  11. Do you know whose pen is this?
  12. I cannot buy a shirt which is too expensive.

Examples of Noun Clause Begin with (-ever words)

  1. You can join the committee whenever you want.
  2. We will leave whenever the staff orders a new team.
  3. I can do whatever they say.
  4. She learns whatever she can.
  5. You can purchase whichever one you want.
  6. Whoever solves the question will get the prize.
  7. The police will arrest whoever a criminal is.

Noun Clause Examples Begin with If/Whether

  1. Can you tell me whether Ahmad is coming today?
  2. It is unknown whether he will leave.
  3. I wonder whether David went to school yesterday.
  4. I wonder if she caught the train.
  5. Do you know if your father will be at home?
  6. I don’t know if they are going to be married.
  7. Do you know if your dog runs faster than mine?
30+ Examples of Noun Clause


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