Panic Past Tense (Verb Panic V1V2V3 &V4 Forms)

Panic Past Tense! The verb panic is a regular verb, i.e., it takes -ed in the past and past participle forms. The following are panic verb forms.

Panic Meaning: to affect with panic

Panic Past Tense (Verb Panic V1V2V3 &V4 Forms)

Panic Verb Forms Past Tense & Past Participle

InfinitivePresent Form or V1Past Form or V2Past Participle or V3Present Participle or V4
To panicPanicPanickedPanickedPanicking

Conjugation of the Verb Panic

Panic Present Simple

  • I panic
  • We panic
  • You panic
  • He/She/It panics
  • They panic

Panic Past Simple Tense

  • I panicked
  • We panicked
  • You panicked
  • He/She/It panicked
  • They panicked

Panic Future Simple

  • I/We will panic
  • He/She/It will panic
  • You/They will panic

Panic Present Continuous

  • I am panicking  
  • We are panicking
  • You are panicking
  • He/She/It is panicking
  • They are panicking

Panic Past Continuous

  • I was panicking
  • We were panicking
  • You were panicking
  • He/She/It was panicking
  • They were panicking

Panic Future Continuous

  • I will be panicking
  • We will be panicking
  • You will be panicking
  • He/She/It will be panicking
  • They will be panicking

Panic Present Perfect Tense

  • I have panicked
  • We have panicked
  • He/She/It has panicked
  • You/They have panicked

Panic Past Perfect Tense

  • I/We had panicked
  • He/She/It had panicked
  • You/They had panicked

Panic Future Perfect Tense

  • I/We will have panicked
  • He/She/It will have panicked
  • You/They will have panicked

Panic Present Perfect Continuous Tense

  • I have been panicking
  • We have been panicking
  • You have been panicking
  • He/She/It has been panicking
  • They have been panicking

Panic Past Perfect Continuous

  • I had been panicking
  • We had been panicking
  • You had been panicking
  • He/She/It had been panicking
  • They had been panicking

Panic Future Perfect Continuous Tense

  • I will have been panicking
  • We will have been panicking
  • You will have been panicking
  • He/She/It will have been panicking
  • They will have been panicking

Conjugate Tend Subjunctive Mood


  • If I panic
  • If we panic
  • if you panic
  • If he/she/it panic
  • If they panic


  • If I panicked
  • If we panicked
  • If you panicked
  • If he/she/it panicked
  • If they panicked


  • If I should panic
  • If we should panic
  • If you should panic
  • If he/she/it should panic
  • If they should panic



  • I should/would panic
  • You would panic
  • He/She/It would panic
  • We should/would panic
  • They would panic


  • I should/would have panicked
  • You would have panicked
  • He/She/It would have panicked
  • We should/would have panicked
  • They would have panicked

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