Past Tense of Dive: Verb Dive Conjugation Examples

Past Tense of Dive! It is an irregular verb. The past tense or V1 and past participle, also called V2 of dive, is either dived or dove. To dive is an intransitive verb, i.e., it does not take an object; therefore, we never used it in the passive. We use this verb to describe an action. For example, it may be followed by adverbs, adverbial phrases, and clauses.

The boy dived beautifully (dived followed by an adverb)
The boy dived until late in the afternoon (dived followed by adverb phrases)
In this article, you’ll learn the forms of dive with conjugation examples.

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Meaning: to jump into water or to go down very quickly
Present Tense of Dive: Dive (Third Person Singular Dives)
Past Tense of Dive: Dived/Dove
Past Participle of Dive: Dived/Dove
Present Participle of Dive: Diving

Past Tense of Dive

Verb Dive Conjugation Examples

Dive Present Simple
Structure: Subject + Base Form of Dive
I/We/You dive
He/She/It dives
They dive
Dive Past Simple
Structure: Subject + Past Form of Dive
I/We dived/dove
He/She/It dived/dove
You/They dived/dove
Dive Future Simple
Structure: Subject + Will + Base Form of Dive
I/We will dive
He/She/It will dive
You/They will dive
Dive Present Continuous
Structure: Subject + is/am/are + Present Participle
I am diving
We/You/They are diving
He/She/It is diving
Dive Past Continuous
Structure: Subject + was/were + Present Participle
I was diving
We/You/They were diving
He/She/It was diving
Dive Future Continuous
Structure: Subject + will be + Present Participle
I/We/They will be diving
He/She/It will be diving
You will be diving
Dive Present Perfect
Structure: Subject + have + Past Participle
I/We have dived/dove
He/She/It has dived/dove
You/They have dived/dove
Dive Past Perfect
Structure: Subject + had + Past Participle
I/We had dived/dove
He/She/It had dived/dove
You/They had dived/dove
Dive Future Perfect
Structure: Subject + will have + Past Participle
I/We will have dived/dove
He/She/It will have dived/dove
You/They will have dived/dove
Dive Present Perfect Continuous
Structure: Subject + have been + Past Participle
I/We have been diving
He/She/It has been diving
You/They have been diving
Dive Past Perfect Continuous
Structure: Subject + had been + Past Participle
I/We had been diving
He/She/It had been diving
You/They had been diving
Dive Future Perfect Continuous
Structure: Subject + will have been + Past Participle
I/We will have been diving
He/She/It will have been diving
You/They will have been diving

Verb Dive Conjugation Subjunctive Mood

If I dive
If we dive
If you dive
If he/she/it dive
If they dive
If I dived/dove
If we dived/dove
If you dived/dove
If you dived/dove
If he/she/it dived/dove
If they dived/dove
If I should dive
If we should dive
If you should dive
If he/she/it should dive
If they should dive

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