Past Tense of Grind: Verb to Grind Conjugation

Past Tense of Grind! The verb ‘to grind” is an irregular verb. The past tense or v2 and past participle or V3 of grind is ground. In the article, you’ll learn the meaning and four forms V1, V2, V3 and V4 of the verb to grind with conjugation.

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Grind Meaning: To crush something into small particles or to rub two surfaces together in a harsh way

Verb Grind Forms:

Present or V1 FormPast Tense of Grind V2Past Participle of Grind V3Present Participle or -ing Form
Past Tense of Grind

The Verb to Grind Conjugation Active Voice

Present Simple
Structure: Subject + Grind Base Form
I/We/You grind
He/She/It grinds
They grind
Past Simple
Structure: Subject + Grind Past Form
I/We/You ground
He/She/It ground
They ground
Future Simple
Structure: Subject + will+ Grind Base Form
I/We/You will grind
He/She/It will grind
They will grind
Present Continuous
Structure: Subject + is/am/are Grind present participle
I am grinding
We/You are grinding
He/She/It is grinding
They are grinding
Past Continuous
Structure: Subject + was/were Grind present participle
I was grinding
We/You/They were grinding
He/She/It was grinding
Future Continuous
Structure: Subject + will be + Grind present participle
I/We/You will be grinding
He/She/It will be grinding
They will be grinding
Present Perfect
Structure: Subject + have + Grind past participle
I/We/You have ground
He/She/It has ground
They have ground
Past Perfect
Structure: Subject + had + Grind past participle
I/We/You had ground
He/She/It had ground
They had ground
Future Perfect
Structure: Subject + will have + Grind past participle
I/We/You will have ground
He/She/It will have ground
They will have ground
Present Perfect Continuous
Structure: Subject + have been + Grind present participle
I/We/You have been grounding
He/She/It has been grounding
They have been grounding
Past Perfect Continuous
Structure: Subject + had been + Grind present participle
I/We/You had been grounding
He/She/It had been grounding
They had been grounding
Future Perfect Continuous
Structure: Subject + will have been + Grind present participle
I/We/You will have been grounding
He/She/It will have been grounding
They will have been grounding

The Verb to Grind Conjugation Passive Voice

Present Simple Tense
I am ground
We are ground
You are ground
He/She/It is ground
They are ground
Past Simple Tense
I was ground
We/You/They were ground
He/She/It was ground
Future Simple Tense
I will be ground
We will be ground
You will be ground
He/She/It will be ground
They will be ground
Present Continuous Tense
I am being ground
We are being ground
You are being ground
He/She/It is being ground
They are being ground
Past Continuous Tense
I was being ground
We were being ground
You were being ground
He/She/It was being ground
They were being ground
Future Continuous Tense
I will be being ground
We will be being ground
You will be being ground
He/She/It will be being ground
They will be being ground
Present Perfect Tense
I/We have been ground
You have been ground
He/She/It has been ground
They have been ground
Past Perfect Tense
I had been ground
We had been ground
You had been ground
He/She/It had been ground
They had been ground
Future Perfect Tense
I will have been ground
We will have been ground
You will have been ground
He/She/It will have been ground
They will have been ground

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