Past Tense of Wet- Past Participle of Wet Forms of Wet V1V2V3

What is the past tense of the verb wet? The verb wet has two past tense and past participle forms, i.e., wet and wetted. The five main forms of the verb wet are given below.

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Forms of Wet (Wet Past Tense and Past Participle)

Past Tense of Wet- Past Participle of Wet
InfinitivePresent FormPast Tense of WetPast Participle of WetPresent Participle
To wetWet (third-person singular Wets)Wet/WettedWet/WettedWetting

Conjugation of the Verb Wet Indicative Mood

Present Simple

  • I/We wet
  • He/She/It wets
  • You/They wet

Wet Present Progressive

  • I am wetting
  • He/She/It is wetting
  • We/You/They are wetting

Wet Past Simple

  • I/We wet/wetted
  • He/She/It wet/wetted
  • You/They wet/wetted

Wet Past Progressive

  • I was wetting
  • He/She/It was wetting
  • We/You/They were wetting

Wet Future Simple

  • I/We will wet 
  • He/She/It will wet
  • You/They will wet

Wet Future Progressive

  • I/We will be wetting
  • He/She/It will be wetting
  • You/They will be wetting

Wet Present Perfect

  • I/We have wet/wetted
  • He/She/It has wet/wetted
  • You/They have wet/wetted

Wet Past Perfect

  • I/We have wet/wetted
  • He/She/It has wet/wetted
  • You/They have wet/wetted

Wet Future Perfect

  • I/We will have wet/wetted
  • He/She/It will have wet/wetted
  • You/They will have wet/wetted

Wet Present Perfect Continuous

  • I/We have been wetting
  • He/She/It has been wetting
  • You/They have been wetting

Wet Past Perfect Continuous

  • I/We had been wetting
  • He/She/It had been wetting
  • You/They had been wetting

Wet Future Perfect Continuous

  • I/We will have been wetting
  • He/She/It will have been wetting
  • You/They will have been wetting

Conjugation of the Verb Wet Subjunctive Mood


  • If I wet
  • If we wet
  • if you wet
  • If he/she/it wet
  • If they wet


  • If I wet/wetted
  • If we wet/wetted
  • If you wet/wetted
  • If he/she/it wet/wetted
  • If they wet/wetted


  • If I should wet
  • If we should wet
  • If you should wet
  • If he/she/it should wet
  • If they should wet



  • I should/would wet
  • You would wet
  • He/She/It would wet
  • We should/would wet
  • They would wet


  • I/We should/would have wet/wetted
  • He/She/It would have wet/wetted
  • You/They would have wet/wetted

Example Sentences:

  • He always wets his lips before he speaks.
  • I am wetting my hair to keep it from blowing.
  • Some players wet their fingers before throwing the ball.
  • My sister wet/wetted my clothes and tried to rub the ink away.


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