17 Phrasal Verbs with Bring and Their Meanings & Examples

Phrasal verbs with bring and their meanings! Some useful phrasal verbs with bring are bring around, bring in, bring back, bring down, bring to, bring off, etc. In this article, phrasal verbs with bring will be discussed with their meanings and example sentences.

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What Are Phrasal Verbs with Bring?

  1. Bring about
  2. Bring along
  3. Bring around
  4. Bring back
  5. Bring before
  6. Bring forward
  7. Bring forth
  8. Bring in
  9. Bring down
  10. Bring into
  11. Bring off
  12. Bring to
  13. Bring on
  14. Bring out
  15. Bring out in
  16. Bring together
  17. Bring up
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Phrasal verbs with Bring and Their Meanings & Examples

The following are 17 phrasal verbs with meanings and examples. In some phrasal verbs, more than one meaning is possible.

Bring Before Meaning and Sentence

Bring Before

  • Meaning: to present something for judgment
  • Sentence: The issue will be brought before the judge.

Bring Forth Meaning and Sentence

Bring Forth

  • Meaning: to make happen, to give birth to
  • Sentence: The cow brought forth a bull calf.

Bring About Meaning and Sentence

Bring About

  • Meaning: to cause something to happen
  • Sentence: The panel brought about many changes in the law.

Bring Along Meaning and Sentence

Bring Along

  • Meaning: to bring somewhere with you
  • Sentence: She brought some eggs along.

Bring Around Meaning and Sentence

Bring Around

  • Meaning: to become someone conscious again who is unconscious
  • Sentence: The doctor gave him many things to bring him round.

Bring Back Meaning and Sentence

Bring Back

  • Meaning: to return to the previous place
  • Sentence: If the shoes don’t fit, bring them back to them, and they will change it.

Bring Down Meaning and Sentence

Bring Down

  • Meaning: to cause someone or an organization to lose power
  • Sentence: The cases may bring down this government.

Bring Forward Meaning and Sentence

Bring Forward

  • Meaning: to move an event to an earlier date or time
  • Sentence: They will have to bring the date of the election forward.

Bring In Meaning and Sentence

Bring In

  • Meaning: to introduce something new, to make money,
  • Sentence: How much are you bringing in?

Bring Into Meaning and Sentence

Bring Into

  • Meaning: to take something into a place
  • Sentence: Please bring these books into the office.

Bring Off Meaning and Sentence

Bring Off

  • Meaning: to succeed in doing something difficult
  • Sentence: It was a difficult job, but I brought it off.

Bring On Meaning and Sentence

Bring On

  • Meaning: to make something happen, usually something unpleasant
  • Sentence: Many students were suffering from mental stress brought on by over study.

Bring Out Meaning and Sentence

Bring Out

  • Meaning: to help someone to become more confident and less shy, to remove from
  • Sentence: The interview panel is good at bringing out nervous interviews.

Bring Out In Meaning and Sentence

Bring Out In

  • Meaning: to make skin be covered in such spots
  • Sentence: Mangoes bring me out in a rash.

Bring To Meaning and Sentence

Bring To

  • Meaning: to restore someone to consciousness when they are unconscious
  • Sentence: She suddenly lost consciousness, and we could not bring her to.

Bring Together Meaning and Sentence

Bring Together

  • Meaning: to unite two people or groups or to introduce two persons who have never met
  • Sentence: It was me who brought the two groups together.

Bring Up Meaning and Sentence

Bring Up

  • Meaning: to raise something or to care for a child
  • Sentence: That boy was brought up by his aunt.

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