Run Past Tense with Conjugation in Present, Past, and Past Participle

Run Past Tense! It is an irregular verb, i.e., we can’t make its past tense past participle with -d or -ed ending. The three forms (V1, V2, and V3) of run are run, ran, and run, respectively.
Meaning: Some common meanings of the verb run are 1. move along on foot; 2. To flee from; 3. To operate (cause to) operate.

What Are the Forms of Run? V1, V2, V3 & V4

InfinitivePresent Form or V1Past Form or V2Past Participle or V3Present Participle
To runRun (Runs 3rd person singular)RanRanRunning

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run past tense

Run Conjugation Examples Active Voice

Run Present Tense
I/We run
He (She, It) runs
You/They run
Run Past Tense
I/We ran
He (She, It) ran
You/They ran
Future Simple
I/We shall/will run
He (She, It) shall/will run
You/They shall/will run
Present Continuous
I am running
He/She/It is running
We/You/They are running
Past Continuous
I was running
He/She/It was running
We/You/They were running
Future Continuous
I/We shall/will be running
He/She/It shall/will be running
You/They shall/will be running
Present Perfect
I/We have run
He/She/It has run
You/They have run
Past Perfect
I/We had run
He/She/It had run
You/They had run
Future Perfect
I/We shall/will have run
He (She, It) shall/will have run
You/They will have run
Present Perfect Continuous
I/We have been running
He/She/It has been running
You/They have been running
Past Perfect Continuous
I/We had been running
He/She/It had been running
You/They had been running
Future Perfect Continuous
I/We shall/will have been running
He/She/It shall/will have been running
You/They shall/will have been running

Run Conjugation Examples Passive Voice

Present Simple
I am run
We are run
You are run
He/She/It is run
They are run
Past Simple
I was run
We were run
You were run
He/She/It was run
They were run
Future Simple
I shall/will be run
We shall/will be run
You will be run
He (She, It) will be run
They will be run
Present Continuous
I am being run
We are being run
You are being run
He (She, It) is being run
They are being run
Past Continuous
I was being run
We were being run
You were being run
He (She, It) was being run
They were being run
Future Continuous
I will be being run
We will be being run
You will be being run
He (She, It) will be being run
They will be being run
Present Perfect
I have been run
We have been run
You have been run
He (She, It) has been run
They have been run
Past Perfect
I had been run
We had been run
You had been run
He (She, It) had been run
They had been run
Future Perfect
I shall have been run
We shall have been run
You will have been run
He (She, It) will have been run
They will have been run

Run Conjugation Subjunctive Mood Active

If I/
we run
If you run
If he (she, it) run
If they run
If I/
we ran
If you ran
If he (she, it) ran
If they ran
If I should run
If we should run
If you should run
If he (she, it) should run
If they should run

Run Conjugation Subjunctive Mood Passive

If I be run
If we be run
If you be run
If he (she, it) be run
If they be run
If I were run
If we were run
If you were run
If he (she, it) were run
If they were run
If I should be run
If we should be run
If you should be run
If he (she, it) should be run
If they should be run

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