Sentences Using Modal Verbs (Modal Verbs Examples)

Sentences Using Modal Verbs!  The modal verbs are the type of auxiliary verbs and add meaning to the verbs that follow them.  Modal verbs do not denote actions.  They are used only with the infinitive.  They include can, could, shall, should, will, would, may, might, and must.  In this lecture, you’ll explore example sentences using modal verbs.

Examples of Modal Auxiliaries (Can, May Shall, Will)

Sentences Using Modal Verbs 1

Sentences Using Modal Verbs Shall & Should

  • They shall defeat you.
  • You shall write a letter to him.
  • Shall I open the window?
  • You shouldn’t talk so much.
  • He shall come immediately.
  • You should not show anyone your bank details.
  • I think you shouldn’t study different subjects next year.
  • You shall not go out till we come.
  • I think you shouldn’t make any decision now.
  • Your dad shall get a gift from you.
  • You shouldn’t change the password frequently.
  • Why shouldn’t she go with you?
  • Who should complete the task on the first attempt?
  • He shall have the money tomorrow.
  • You shall be fined.
  • You shall pass the driving test.
  • They shall win the game.

Sentences Using Modal Verbs Can & Could

  • Can he order a pizza after work?
  • It’s cold!  Can you close the door?
  • He was an excellent player.  He could beat you.
  • We can visit your neighbour on Monday.
  • I tried hard, but I couldn’t persuade him to go with me.
  • You can’t touch the animals in the zoo.
  • Her dad can’t use the computer now, but he could when he was a teacher.
  • I don’t know how fast the boy could run.
  • Can you run fast?
  • I cannot talk long.  I have a meeting in a few minutes.
  • You can clearly see the airport from our home.
  • Could you answer the phone, please?
  • Can you speak any foreign languages?
  • She cannot remember so many zip codes.
  • When I went inside, I could smell something burning.
  • He couldn’t play when he was a child.
  • I can sing really well.
  • She could speak three languages.
  • I can speak Urdu quite well.
  • When I was 12, I could run 5 kilometres in a few minutes.

Sentences Using Modal Verbs Will & Would

Sentences Using Modal Verbs 2
  • We will go to London next year.
  • Their family will come tomorrow.
  • Would you mind helping us with the assignment?
  • She will always help people experiencing poverty.
  • Would you like a cup of coffee?
  • I will pay him tomorrow.
  • I will teach her mathematics.
  • The teacher will punish him.
  • She will go to see her friend.

Sentences Using Modal Verbs May & Might

  • May success be hers.                 
  • May he reach safely?
  • May I leave early?
  • He may go if he wants.
  • He might not be at work.
  • I may/might change my phone number.
  • You may open a new Facebook account.
  • I might start a new business online.
  • At the airport, you may not use a cell phone.
  • The earthquake may not / might not happen for another few years.

Sentences Using Modal Verbs Must

  • You must complete it now.
  • You must not smoke in the office.
  • The admission must include your phone number.
  • You must recycle paper.                                                                                                    
  • You must wear a seat belt in your car.
  • The stadium must make a lot of money from crowd tickets.
  • You must be more careful!
  • You mustn’t use your phone here.
  • He said he must invite all of them to dinner.
  • He must be at home.  Call him now.

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