What’s the Past Tense of Clean in English?

What’s the Past Tense of Clean in English

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Past Tense of Clean

The word clean is a regular verb, i.e. it takes -ed in the past tense and past participle forms. The meaning and principal forms of the verb clean are given below.
Clean Meaning: to remove dirt from something 
Infinitive: To clean
Clean Present Tense: Clean (third-person singular cleans)
Clean Past Tense: Cleaned
Clean Past Participle: Cleaned
Present Participle: Cleaning
Perfect Infinitive: to have cleaned
Gerund: Cleaning
Perfect Gerund: having cleaned
Perfect Participle: having cleaned

Conjugation of Verb Clean (Active & Passive Voice)

Present Simple Tense
  • Active: I clean
  • Passive: I am cleaned
  • Active: We clean
  • Passive: We are cleaned
  • Active: You clean
  • Passive: You are cleaned
  • Active: It/She/He Cleans
  • Passive: It/She/He is Cleaned
  • Active: They clean
  • Passive: They are cleaned
Past Simple Tense
  • Active: I cleaned
  • Passive: I was cleaned
  • Active: We cleaned
  • Passive: We were cleaned
  • Active: You cleaned
  • Passive: You were cleaned
  • Active: It/She/He cleaned
  • Passive: It/She/He was cleaned
  • Active: They cleaned
  • Passive: They were cleaned
Future Simple Tense
  • Active: I shall/will clean
  • Passive: I shall/will be cleaned
  • Active: We shall/will clean
  • Passive: We shall/will be cleaned
  • Active: You shall/will clean
  • Passive: You shall/will be cleaned
  • Active: It/She/He shall/will clean
  • Passive: It/She/He shall/will be cleaned
Present Continuous Tense
  • Active: I am cleaning
  • Passive: I am being cleaned
  • Active: We are cleaning
  • Passive: We are being cleaned
  • Active: You are cleaning
  • Passive: You are being cleaned
  • Active: It/She/He is cleaning
  • Passive: It/She/He is being cleaned
  • Active: They are cleaning
  • Passive: They are being cleaned
Past Continuous Tense
  • Active: I was cleaning
  • Passive: I was being cleaned
  • Active: We were cleaning
  • Passive: We were being cleaned
  • Active: You were cleaning
  • Passive: You were being cleaned
  • Active: It/She/He was cleaning
  • Passive: It/She/He was being cleaned
  • Active: They were cleaning
  • Passive: They were being cleaned
Future Continuous Tense
  • Active: I shall/will be cleaning
  • Passive: I shall/will be being cleaned
  • Active: We shall/will be cleaning
  • Passive: We shall/will be being cleaned
  • Active: You shall/will be cleaning
  • Passive: You shall/will be being cleaned
  • Active: It/She/He shall/will be cleaning
  • Passive: It/She/He shall/will be being cleaned
Present Perfect Tense
  • Active: I have cleaned
  • Passive: I have been cleaned
  • Active: We have cleaned
  • Passive: We have been cleaned
  • Active: You have cleaned
  • Passive: You have been cleaned
  • Active: It/She/He has cleaned
  • Passive: It/She/He has been cleaned
  • Active: They have cleaned
  • Passive: They have been cleaned
Past Perfect Tense
  • Active: I had cleaned
  • Passive: I had been cleaned
  • Active: We had cleaned
  • Passive: We had been cleaned
  • Active: You had cleaned
  • Passive: You had been cleaned
  • Active: It/She/He had cleaned
  • Passive: It/She/He had been cleaned
  • Active: They had cleaned
  • Passive: They had been cleaned
Present Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I/We have been + present participle of clean
  • It/She/He has been + present participle of clean
  • You/They have been + present participle of clean
Past Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I/We had been + present participle of clean
  • It/She/He had been + present participle of clean
  • You/They had been + present participle of clean
Future Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I/We shall/will have been cleaning (present participle of clean)
  • It/She/He will have been cleaning
  • You/They will have been cleaning

Sentences with Clean

  • We are going to clean the windows this morning. (Infinitive)
  • The sweeper asked the man to help him clean out the tables. (Base Form)
  • Where is Sara? I think she is cleaning her teeth. (Present Participle)
  • The dentist cleaned my teeth yesterday. (Past Tense)

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