10 Examples of Adverb Clause of Time: Time Clause Sentences

10 examples of adverb clause of time! Every clause consists of two parts 1) subject 2) predicate. An adverb or adverbial clause of time shows when or for how long something has happened or will happen. It is a subordinate clause containing the subject and predicate, but it isn’t a complete sentence. We use conjunctions of time to introduce this type of clause. Common conjunctions we use are whenever, when, as soon as, as long as, as, while, before, after, by the time, until, till, since, and ever since.

10 Examples of Adverb Clause of Time

What Are the 10 Examples of Adverb Clause of Time?

The following are 10 examples of clause of time. In each sentence, words written in bold are conjunctions that begin the clause. Any clause subordinate or main can be placed before. When the subordinate comes before, it should be separated from the other clause by a comma.

  • Don’t talk while he is reciting. (“While he is reciting” is a time that shows when should someone don’t talk.)
  • I waited at the airport until the plane departed. (It shows how long I waited.)
  • The students were given instruction to wait till the teacher came. (It shows how long the students should wait)
  • Babies are handsome while they’re small.
  • My brother has not been well since he returned from the United Kingdom. (It shows how long this situation has been happening.)
  • You must see my grandmother before you leave for the united states.
  • As soon as you meet/have met the professor, call me. (the two clauses are separated by a comma because the subordinate comes before the other clause.
  • The man can go when he has lifted these books. (rather than …when he lifts…)
  • When/ As /While I was sleeping, the postman came. (Or The postman came when/as/while I was sleeping.)
  • He was called Robbie when he was a baby.
  • The boys talk to each other whenever the teacher turns his back and starts writing on the board.

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