50 Examples of Interrogative Sentences (Interrogative Examples)

50 Examples of Interrogative Sentences! Are you wondering how to ask questions? How do you construct interrogative sentences in English? Which type of words do we use to begin question sentences, and which type of punctuation mark is used in question sentences? To find the answers to all these questions, we have compiled this blog article containing 50 examples of interrogative sentences.

What an interrogative sentence! It is a sentence that asks questions and uses a special punctuation mark to end this type of sentence called a question mark denoted as (?).

What are the 50 Examples of Interrogative Sentences?

50 Examples of Interrogative Sentences
  • Where did they load the truck?
  • How did she drive the car?
  • How often do you use the phone?
  • When did you park the bike?
  • Is the shopping center in town?
  • Isn’t he a good singer?
  • Are the children asleep?
  • Why did you ask her this question?
  • Who is knocking the door?
  • Did they come yesterday?
  • Can you operate the machine?
  • How did you come?               
  • Is she reading the book?
  • Why does he complain?          
  • What is your name?
  • Are they going with us?
  • When are you coming here?
  • Why did he sell his bike yesterday?
  • Would you like a glass of water?
  • How often do you go to the market?
  • Where does she come from?
  • What time does the match begin?
  • What time is your father meeting him?
  • Do you live in a city or a country?
  • Can you find my phone?
  • Could anyone see that?
  • Is this Miss Brookes?
  • Is Peter your brother?
  • Who is a graceful dancer?
  • Will you visit me tonight?
  • Will they pass their project next week?
  • Shall I return?
  • Does he have submitted his project?
  • Has she gone to the school?
  • Am I studying English grammar?
  • Is she contemplating marriage?
  • Have you found any mistake yet?
  • Could they not see it?
  • Did you finish your assignment?
  • Are you going to the University tomorrow?
  • What time does the match begin?
  • They’re buying some new shoes, aren’t they?
  • Did they believe she was innocent again?
  • Are you taking the train?
  • Did you watch the movie on TV yesterday night?
  • Did the temperature rise above freezing today?
  • How much should we need to pay for the meal?
  • Where did they rest when evening came?
  • How did he throw the stone?
  • When are you going?

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