50 Examples of Simple Sentences in English

50 Examples of Simple Sentences! A sentence is the only group of words that can stand alone to express complete thoughts. We define a simple sentence as a sentence which has only one finite verb. For example, “He is walking.” It contains one finite verb, “is”; hence, it is a simple sentence. In this article, you’ll explore 50 examples of simple sentences.

What Are The 50 Examples of Simple Sentences?

Simple Sentence Structure: Subject + Verb + Object

50 Examples of Simple Sentences
  1. They were charged with murder.
  2. Her life was spent in poverty.
  3. Kindness is always rewarded.
  4. They brought water to their home.
  5. The dog eats meat.
  6. Coffee activates the heart.
  7. This is not a gold necklace.
  8. He liked his former job.
  9. The boy near the shop is my roommate.
  10. The manager called again.
  11. We recognized her voice at once.
  12. Your books are there.
  13. He was the first to reach.
  14. The sky grew dark.
  15. I expect to meet her today.
  16. Her job place is still unknown.
  17. Tell the truth.
  18. I saw a young boy.
  19. It is not a suitable place for them to play in.
  20. My friend, the manager of this bank, is on leave today.
  21. With the teacher’s permission, we will go to the library.
  22. Do not leave the place without permission.
  23. Is she coming to the party?
  24. Why has he gone down to the river?
  25. They agreed on their game plan.
  26. I waited for the bus.
  27. The bus was late.
  28. Have they come to see the professor?
  29. He is too slow to reach.
  30. I will come here on Monday to take advantage of the special sale.
  31. They swim in the river.
  32. This bread is not soft.  
  33. She speaks very slowly on the phone to avoid waking the baby.
  34. There is no entry without a ticket.
  35. Speak as loudly as you can.
  36. What does the baby need?
  37. She walked to the store.
  38. The black puppy is cute.
  39. Emily and Bob own the car.
  40. Is he sure of his success?
  41. I don’t know the date of his birth.
  42. The children like sweets.
  43. Mary and Samantha ate a sandwich.
  44. I looked for them at the shopping mall.
  45. Whose pen is this?
  46. I go there once a week.
  47. I went to town with him.
  48. He gets up at 6.30 a.m. every day.
  49. What are you doing?
  50. I am meeting her tomorrow.

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