20 Examples of Compound Sentences (Easy Examples)

20 Examples of Compound Sentences! We make a compound sentence by joining two simple sentences using coordinating conjunctions. The coordinating conjunctions are for, so, and, yet, nor, but, or.

20 Examples of Compound Sentences

The following are 20 compound sentences. The clauses that make compound sentences are called coordinate clauses.

20 Examples of Compound Sentences
  1. We waited for the bus, but it was late.
  2. They arrived at the train station before us and left on the train before we arrived.
  3. The flight departed, and I arrived, so I did not see my brother at the airport.
  4. We went for a walk to the park and met John.
  5. She didn’t eat dinner, and she went to bed.
  6. They go to the gym every morning, but we go there every night.
  7. I’ll clean two rooms; you clean the kitchen.
  8. The child found a ten-pound note, but he would not share it with other children.
  9. She missed her flight, so she had to wait for the next one.
  10. The students are running into the ground, and then they are beginning the assembly.
  11. I did a lot of work and must sleep now.
  12. I tried to fix the machine all by myself, but I broke it.
  13. You must work quickly, or you will not finish before evening.
  14. I am in hospital, so I cannot go to school.
  15. Although he walked home by himself, yet he is still here.
  16. I will go for a walk in the park, or I will stay in a hostel room.
  17. I wasn’t thirsty, so I didn’t drink water.
  18. The boy wanted to avoid punishment, so he ran away from the school.
  19. He was mentally ill, so he was rejected.
  20. He is either allergic to meat, or he simply doesn’t want to eat it.

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