30 Interrogative Sentences Examples in English

30 Interrogative Sentences! An interrogative sentence is a type of sentence that asks a question. We use the question mark to end interrogative sentences. We can construct interrogative sentences in two ways. One type begins with auxiliaries such as is, can, was, and has; the other type of interrogative begins with question words such as who, when. why, what, and how, etc. In this article, we will explore 30 examples of interrogative sentences.

What Are 30 Interrogative Sentences?

Interrogative sentences are made in two ways: 1) with auxiliaries and 2) with question words. Below are examples of both types of question sentences.

30 Interrogative Sentences Examples
  1. Has he obtained full marks?
  2. Do you think that you can give the correct answer?
  3. Who can do a thing like that?
  4. Are you younger than Talal?
  5. Shall I tell him the secret thing?
  6. Has he finished the letter?
  7. Did they get home early?
  8. Did they fail in their plan?
  9. Are you sure you will finish correcting my papers tonight?
  10. How do they get to this place?
  11. Did he take Mother and you for a ride in the car?
  12. Have you heard the news?
  13. Did she explain the purpose of her visit?
  14. How long have you lived here?
  15. Please would you clear the table?
  16. Was the man declared his innocence?
  17. Have they greeted you at the door?
  18. Did you know the truth?
  19. Is she washing the car every Friday?
  20. What is their regular place of residence?
  21. How many years did you work in Mexico?
  22. Will your uncle arrive today?
  23. Has the puppy slept with you every night?
  24. When is he going to play the hymn?
  25. How long has she been washing the car?
  26. Would you please talk quietly?
  27. Why wasn’t I informed of the issue earlier?
  28. Your phone must be somewhere. Where has he not looked?
  29. Are they aware of the consequences of things they are doing?
  30. Where is the medical store in this building?

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