What Are 30 Examples of Compound Sentences?

30 Examples of Compound Sentences! We make a compound sentence by joining two or more principal clauses (sentences) using coordinating conjunctions such as ‘and, or, but, so, therefore, otherwise, nor, while, for, etc. Here in this post, we will explore 30 examples of compound sentences.

100 Examples of Compound Sentences with Conjunctions

30 Examples of Compound Sentences
  1. He came, and he gave some money to me.
  2. The dog jumped, and the child was thrown.
  3. It has jaws that bite, but you need not be afraid.
  4. He is intelligent, but he is not rich.
  5. I watched the movie, but they studied mathematics.
  6. She asked me about my religion, but I refused to answer.
  7. He put the glass on the table, and I picked it up.
  8. I can install the window now, or I can do it later.
  9. Eat, or you will die.
  10. You must not park here, or you will be fined.
  11. She studied hard, but she failed.
  12. I asked him, but she didn’t give me the answer.
  13. I am not invited, so I will not participate.
  14. The thieves not only robbed the woman but also murdered her.
  15. Run quickly, or you will not see her.
  16. I put in a lot of effort and completed the task.
  17. She will win the prize because she works very hard.
  18. They were very hungry, and so ate two pizzas.
  19. I am convicted as well as fined.
  20. I walked to the place where I worked.
  21. We had invited all of them, yet they didn’t reach the hall.
  22. It is dark indeed, but we will go out.
  23. I did not want him to participate in the competition, but he did.
  24. You must work all day and recover the website.
  25. He is disabled, and therefore, he cannot ride a bike.
  26. She studied geology because he wanted to know about earth resources.
  27. I am neither her fellow nor do I know her.
  28. They didn’t read books, nor did they write assignments.
  29. He is rich, while his neighbor is poor.
  30. Not only did I support her, but my family did, too.

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