20 Examples of Active and Passive Voice: Passive Voice Examples

20 examples of active and passive voice! In everyday speech, we tell who carries and who receives the action. There are two ways to express an accomplished action. The ways are called active and passive voice. A sentence will be in the active voice when a subject carries an action, and the object receives it. When the subject receives the action, we call it passive voice.

Learn: Rules of Active and Passive Voice with Examples

You’ll learn 20 examples of active and passive voice in this article.

20 Examples of Active and Passive Voice

20 Examples of Active and Passive Voice

Active VoicePassive Voice
They will bring a new group.A new group will be brought.
He told me a secret story.I was told a secret story by him.
The company give us free tickets.We were given free tickets by the company.
She breaks the glass.The glass is broken by her.
He is repairing the car.The car is being repaired.
They didn’t announce a public holiday.A public holiday wasn’t announced by them.
He promised to call me every week.I was promised to be called by him every week.
Do you feed your dog every day?Does your dog fed by you every day?
The dad hugged his son at the airport.He was hugged by his dad at the airport.
They offered me a job abroad.I was offered a job abroad by them.
They announced the winner yesterday.The winner was announced yesterday.
The police are searching our bags.Our bags are being searched.
The students answered all questions.All questions were answered by the students.
I photographed every child.Every child was photographed by me.
The committee is presenting an award now.An award is being presented by the committee now.
They are going to announce the winner’s name.The winner’s name is going to be announced by them.
We should see the movie on a large screen.The movie should be seen by us on a large screen.
Do you know the boy’s name?Does the boy’s name known to you?
The government built this theater in 1990.This theater was built in 1990.
Someone designs a beautiful presentation for me.Beautiful presentation is designed for me.


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