40 Examples of a Relative Clause in English

A relative clause is a subordinate clause that contains a subject and verb and takes the place of an adjective in a sentence and thus qualifies nouns or pronouns. It is also called an adjective clause. The relative clauses are generally beginning with relative pronouns. This article contains 40 examples of a relative clause. The relative pronoun that begins the relative clause is underlined in each sentence.

Remember that relative clauses sometimes begin with no marker.
Let’s examine the first example of the function of a relative clause.
This is my neighbor who owns six cars.
This sentence consists of two clauses ‘this is my neighbor’ and ‘who owns six cars.’ The first clause is a complete sentence that consists of the subject-verb. This type of clause is called the main clause.

The second clause also contains the subject ‘who’ and the verb ‘owns’ but does not convey complete thought; instead, it modifies the noun, neighbor, in the main clause. The relative pronoun who introduces the clause.

40 Examples of a Relative Clause

List of 40 Examples of a Relative Clause

  • There is the child who stands next to me on the footpath.
  • He was someone on whom everyone could always rely.
  • The woman who lost her baby boy in the crowd was careless.
  • I spent almost all the money that I had earned in three years.
  • I can’t stop the bike that is driving past.
  • Did you know the name of the person who called you?
  • The suit that I bought at the market was very expensive.
  • The letter that I sent to my brother two weeks ago has been received by him today.
  • I have a friend who plays the guitar.
  • I’m not too fond of movies which/that have an unhappy ending.
  • My friend, who I used to live with, came here to stay with me.
  • The machine which has stopped working is working again.
  • A dictionary is a book which gives us the meaning of words.
  • We sometimes walk past the house where we were born.
  • Is that the woman who is speaking to your brother?
  • These are the books that I am talking about.
  • I am going to the hotel where Ahmad works.
  • I have eaten the rice which my mother cooked.
  • We were helping the poor man whose suitcase broke.
  • The teacher is looking for the boy whose phone rang during the class.
  • That’s Sara, whose mother is a teacher.
  • My cousin, who is an engineer, works in Ireland.
  • He has passed all his papers, which I am delighted about.

Relative Clause Examples

  • The hotel might be fully booked, in which case we’ll have to go somewhere else.
  • Our teacher, whose name is Jeff, is now working for an American bank.
  • Next month we are going to London, where we used to live.
  • Basketball is a game that people have played for centuries.
  • The employee whom the manager dismissed has died.
  • The watch he bought was very expensive.
  • The girl whose watch is silver is my fellow.
  • I have something which might interest you.
  • Children whom we love do not really die.
  • He is a man with whom anyone would work.
  • Isn’t he the boy whose school suit was torn?
  • The trainer, who is my friend’s dad, was a champion.
  • A person who buys things online likes convenience.
  • The phone that / which costs $50 is over there.
  • Mr. Ali, who is 54, has just retired.
  • The clothes which/that I bought were too expensive.

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