Past Tense of Belong: Conjugation of Belong

What is the past tense of belong? The verb ‘belong’ is a regular verb, i.e. we can make its past tense and past participle with -ed. The past tense of belong is ‘belonged’, and the past participle or V3 is also ‘belonged’. In this article, you’ll learn the meaning and four forms (i.e. present/V1, past/V2, past participle/V3 and present participle/V4) with conjugation in the present, past and past participle.

Meaning: to be in the right place
Belong Present Form/V1: Belong (Belongs 3rd person singular present form)
Belong Past Form/V2: Belonged
Belong Past Participle Form/V3: Belonged
Belong Present Participle Form/V4: Belonging
Note: The verb belong is never used in the passive voice.

Past Tense of Belong

Conjugation of to Belong

How can you conjugate the verb belong? The conjugation of belong in different tenses, such as present, past, future and perfect, are given below with different subjects.

Belong Present Simple Tense

Structure: Subject + V1 of Belong
I/We belong
He/She/It belongs
You/They belong

Belong Past Simple Tense

Structure: Subject + V2 of Belong
I/We belonged
He/She/It belonged
You/They belonged

Belong Future Simple Tense

Structure: Subject + will + V1 of Belong
I/We will belong
He/She/It will belong
You/They will belong

Present Perfect Tense

Structure: Subject + V3 of Belong
I/We have belonged
He/She/It has belonged
You/They have belonged

Past Perfect Tense

I/We had belonged
He/She/It had belonged
You/They had belonged

Future Perfect Tense

Structure: Subject + will + have + V3 of Belong
I/We will have belonged
He/She/It will have belonged
You/They will have belonged

Use of Belong, Belongs in a Sentence

The books belong here.
The bat belongs under the stairs.
She belongs in biotechnology.
Those chairs belong in the sitting room.
Where does this cloth belong?
These shoes belong to the others.

Note: Belong is never or very rarely used in progressive tenses.

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