Shy Past Tense: Verb Shy Past Tense and Past Participle

Shy Past Tense! It is a regular verb. The past tense of shy and past participle is shied. The present participle and third-person singular forms are shying and shies, respectively. In this article, we will explore forms of the verb shy and conjugation in all tenses.

Shy/Shied Meaning: the sudden movement of a horse sideways or backward because of fear, to make a sudden throw

Forms of Shy V1 V2 V3 &V4

InfinitiveShy Present TenseShy Past SimpleShy Past ParticiplePresent Participle
To shyShy (3rd Person Singular Shies)ShiedShiedShying
Shy Past Tense

Conjugation of Shy (Present, Past & Past Participle)

Shy Present Tense

Structure: Subject + Present Form

  • I/We shy
  • He/She/It shies
  • You/They shy

Past Tense of Shy

Structure: Subject + Past Form

  • I/We shied
  • He/She/It shied
  • You/They shied

Shy Future Simple

Structure: Subject + Will + Present Form

  • I/We will shy
  • He/She/It will shy
  • You/They will shy

Shy Present Continuous

Structure: Subject + is/am/are + Present Participle

  • I am shying
  • He/She/It is shying
  • We/You/They are shying

Shy Past Continuous

Structure: Subject + was/were + Present Participle

  • I was shying
  • He/She/It was shying
  • We/You/They were shying

Shy Future Continuous

Structure: Subject + will be + Present Participle

  • I/We will be shying
  • He/She/It will be shying
  • You/They will be shying

Verb Shy Past Participle Conjugation

Structure: Subject + have/has + Past Participle

Shy Present Perfect

  • I/We have shied
  • He/She/It has shied
  • You/They have shied

Shy Past Perfect

Structure: Subject + had + Past Participle

  • I/We had shied
  • He/She/It had shied
  • You/They had shied

Shy Future Perfect

Structure: Subject + will have + Past Participle

  • I/We will have shied
  • He/She/It will have shied
  • You/They will have shied

Verb Shy Present Participle Conjugation

Shy Present Perfect Continuous

Structure: Subject + have/has + been + Past Participle

  • I/We have been shying
  • He/She/It has been shying
  • You/They have been shying

Shy Past Perfect Continuous

Structure: Subject + had + been + Past Participle

  • I/We had been shying
  • He/She/It had been shying
  • You/They had been shying

Shy Future Perfect Continuous

Structure: Subject + will have + been + Past Participle

  • I/We will have been shying
  • He/She/It will have been shying
  • You/They will have been shying

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