Simple Adjectives Examples (50 Easy Adjectives for Kids)

Simple Adjectives Examples for Kids! Adjectives are essential for language development. When someone, especially a child, learns adjectives, they help them develop language and core skills essential to their success in school.

Here is a list of 50 simple adjective examples that will be useful for language learners, especially for kids to describe different things with pictures. This will also help kids to stay positive and motivated.

Simple Adjectives Examples
  1. Fat
  2. Delicious
  3. Angry
  4. Juicy
  5. Little
  6. Big
  7. Easy
  8. Awesome 
  9. Attractive
  10. Artificial
  11. Aqueous 
  12. Busy
  13. Burning
  14. Brown
  15. Broken
  16. Brittle
  17. Cute
  18. Curved
  19. Curly
  20. Cubic
  21. Cracked
  22. Courageous
  23. Correct
  24. Duplicate
  25. Dry 
  26. Double
  27. Divisible
  28. Dissimilar
  29. Expert
  30. Engaging
  31. Extra
  32. Extendable
  33. Expansive
  34. Fun 
  35. Full 
  36. Friendly 
  37. Fresh 
  38. Free 
  39. Fluid
  40. Green 
  41. Great 
  42. Grey   
  43. Gorgeous
  44. Ideal
  45. Italic
  46. Irritating
  47. Irregular
  48. Little
  49. Like 
  50. Lightful 

Simple Adjectives Examples with Meanings

  • Fat: having a lot of flesh on the body
  • Delicious: having an enjoyable taste or smell, e.g., a delicious recipe
  • Angry: feeling or showing anger, e.g., an angry manor crowd
  • Juicy: a food is said to be juicy when it contains a lot of juice, which makes it very enjoyable to eat
  • Little: not big, such as small in size or extent
  • Big: large, as in size, height, or amount
  • Easy: not tricky, done without a lot of effort
  • Awesome: very impressive
  • Attractive: very pleasing in appearance or sound
  • Artificial: not natural, created by human beings
  • Aqueous: containing water, for example, an aqueous solution
  • Busy: actively and attentively engaged in work 
  • Burning: very hot
  • Broken: damaged, no longer able to work
  • Gorgeous: very pleasant or beautiful, e.g., a gorgeous dress
  • Fresh: recently produced and not frozen, e.g., fresh bread, fruit or vegetables, etc.
  • Expansive: friendly and very happy to talk to people
  • Lightful: full of light
  • Great: large in amount, size, or degree
  • Fun: something that provides enjoyment
  • Full: having no empty space (holding as much or as many as possible)
  • Free: not costing or charging anything

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