What Are The 20 Examples of Verbs? (Verb Examples)

What are the 20 examples of verbs in English? According to the definition, a word that expresses an action, such as “Write me a letter.” or state of something, “She feels sick.” is called a verb. A verb can make a statement such as “It is a valuable thing.” Or it can ask a question such as “Are you happy.”

In this article, you will learn what are the 20 examples of verbs in English. And 20 examples of verbs with sentences that will help in understanding the use of verbs in English sentences.

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What Are The 20 Examples of Verbs?

What Are The 20 Examples of Verbs in English

Arise — To wake up.
Advise — to give someone advice.
Agree — be in agreement.
Bear — to hold something and move it from one place to another
Bid — to offer a particular amount of money
Cost — To require payment
Dig — to create a hole
Forgive — to stop being angry with someone
Input — to record data into some program
Freeze — To become ice
Misunderstand — to understand something incorrectly
Get — To receive something
Overcome — to defeat
Prove — to present evidence to illustrate that something is true.
Recognize — to know someone or something
Spread — to disperse something over an area
Seek — to attempt to discover something
Swear — To make a promise, vow, or oath
Swell — To swell means to expand
Split — to be broken apart by something

What Are The 20 Examples of Verbs with Sentences

  • We arise every morning and have coffee.
  • I was advised to be very careful.
  • He proved to be correct.
  • The two parties finally agreed.
  • The teacher advises caution.
  • I don’t bear any ill feeling.
  • He bid $2500 for the farmhouse.
  • The new car costs around $120,000.
  • They will dig tomorrow.
  • They forgive all workers who are late.
  • I have input the whole data into the computer.
  • It will freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • He misunderstands me—I’m not criticizing his work.
  • I always get for him when I go to the market.
  • He cannot overcome the enemy.
  • I may not recognize him after these twenty years.
  • You should seek help on this matter.
  • The fire spread very rapidly in the house.
  • The president swears an oath of loyalty to his country.
  • His toe immediately started to swell.
  • The prizes were split between all the children.

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