30 Examples of Imperative Sentences in Passive Voice: Imperative Sentences Voice Change

30 Examples of imperative sentences in passive voice: We use these sentences to give a command, warning, suggestion or a piece of advice. We usually don’t mention the subject ‘you,” which is understood in imperative.

The following are examples of imperative sentences.
1 Kick him out.
2 Bring a cup of honey.
3 Ask the student to solve the question.

You have seen each sentence begin with a verb followed by an object. Such sentences in passive voice usually start with ‘let’ followed by other parts of the sentence.

30 Examples of imperative sentences in passive voice

Examples of Imperative Sentences in Passive Voice (Passive Voice Examples)

The following are 30 examples of imperative sentences in passive voice. The imperative sentences listed here can express command, request and order etc.

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1- Active: Bring me some water with sugar.
Passive: Let some water with sugar be brought.
2- Active: Ask the man to leave that place.
Passive: Let the man be asked to leave that place.
3- Active: Give them their books.
Passive: Let their books be given to them.
4- Active: Clean your shoes.
Passive: Let your shoes be cleaned.
5- Active: Feed the dog.
Passive: Let the dog be fed.
6- Active: Start the match at seven.
Passive: Let the match be started at seven.
7- Active: Write the letter.
Passive: Let the letter be written.
8- Active: Send this parcel to your brother.
Passive: Let this parcel be sent to your brother.
9- Active: Go out at once.
Passive: You are ordered to go out at once.

Imperative Sentence Examples (Passive Voice Examples)
10- Active: Complete the work as early as possible.
Passive: Let the work be completed as early as possible.
11- Active: Please write your name here.
Passive: You are requested to write your name here.
12- Active: Listen to him.
Passive: He should be listened to.
13- Active: Prepare for paper.
Passive: Be prepared for paper.
14- Active: Please keep the noise down.
Passive: You are requested to keep the noise down.
15- Active: Answer the phone.
Passive: Let the phone be answered.
16- Active: Take everything into consideration.
Passive: Everything should be taken into consideration.
17- Active: Wash your hand quickly.
Passive: Let your hand be washed quickly. Or Your hand should be washed quickly.
18- Active: Please grant me some money.
Passive: Please, I be granted some money. Or You are requested to grant me some money.

Imperative Sentences Voice Change

Negative Imperative Sentences Passive Voice Examples

19- Active: Don’t call her.
Passive: You are requested not to call her.
20- Active: Do not ignore his suggestion.
Passive: Let not his suggestion be ignored.
21- Active: Don’t stand in front of someone’s door.
Passive: You are ordered not to stand in front of someone’s door.
22- Active: Let us not disturb anybody.
Passive: It is suggested that anybody should not be disturbed.
23- Active: Do not smoke in the hotel room.
Passive: You are ordered not to not to smoke in the hotel room.
24- Active: Don’t move the chairs there.
Passive: Let the chairs not be moved there.

Imperative Sentences Beginning with Let (Passive Voice Examples)

Active VoicePassive Voice
Let them walk there.They may be allowed to walk there.
Let me help the older man.The older man should be helped.
Let us try all the possible solutions.All the possible solutions should be tried.
Let us try this hotel.It is suggested that we should try this hotel.
Don does not open the gate early in the morning.Let the gate not be opened early in the morning.
Don’t copy my writing style.Do not let my writing style be copied.


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