20 Examples of Homophones with Meanings and Sentences

20 Examples of Homophones with Meanings and Sentences! Words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. For example, knicks and nicks are homophones because their sounds are similar, but their meanings and spelling differ. This blog post will explore 20 examples of homophones with meanings and sentences.

20 Examples of Homophones with Meanings and Sentences

20 Examples of Homophones with Meanings and Sentences 1

1- Allowed — Aloud

Allowed: give permission
Aloud: a loud enough voice

  • None of the candidates is allowed to talk during the paper.
  • She read the lesson aloud to the whole class.

2- Accede — Exceed

Accede: yield to another’s opinion
Exceed: be greater in number, amount, or size than some standard

  • All the departments accede to the employee’s demands.
  • The prices will not exceed $ 200.

3- Acclamation — Acclimation 

Acclamation: public approval
Acclimation: the process of becoming accustomed to a new climate

  • The decision wasn’t taken by acclamation.
  • It is a period of acclimation to high temperatures

4- Addition — Edition

Addition: the act of adding one thing to another
Edition: a form in which a text, especially a book, is published

  • We always test children in basic mathematical skills such as addition.
  • This newspaper doesn’t have a regional edition.

5- Adolescence — Adolescents 

Adolescence: the time in a person’s life when they develop from a child into an adult
Adolescents: a person who is no longer a child but has not yet become an adult.

  • I had survived a difficult adolescence.
  • She spent his adolescent years in the church band.

6- Affect — Effect

Affect: have an effect upon
Effect: the result of a particular influence

  • Will the new law affect the employees?
  • This treatment doesn’t have a long-term effect.

7- Bad — Bade

Bad: unpleasant; causing difficulties
Bade: past simple of the verb bid (to give a greeting to someone)

  • I am in a bad mood.
  • I bade him good morning.

8- Bait — Bate

Bait: a small amount of food placed on a hook
Bate: lessen the force of

  • You should use some poisoned bait to kill them.
  • He always bates his breath when talking about this issue.

Examples of Homophones

20 Examples of Homophones with Meanings and Sentences 2

9- Bald — Balled — Bawled 

Bald: with little or no hair on the head
Balled: to form something
Bawled: past tense of bawl (to shout in a very loud voice)

  • Both brothers were starting to go bald.
  • He balled his hands into fists.
  • He bawled at her to sit down.

10- Balm — Bomb

Balm: a liquid with a pleasant smell that is often used to make wounds less painful
Bomb: a weapon that explodes

  • People often use a skin balm after shaving.
  • Many bombs were dropped on the city last night.

11- Beach — Beech

Beach: a sandy shore
Beech: a hardwood tree

  • The trees lined the road to the beach.
  • There are several chairs made of beech.

12- Banns — Bands

Banns: a public statement in the church of a proposed marriage
Bands: a group of musicians who play popular music together

  • The church will publish the banns in the evening.
  • He is a singer with a band.

13- Flour — Flower

Flour: powder made from grain
Flower: a brightly colored part of a plant with a pleasant smell

  • Tulip is my favorite flower.
  • Flour the meat before frying it.

14- Bare — Bear

Bare: without clothing
Bear: to accept something unpleasant

  • I don’t like to walk in bare feet.
  • Everyone must bear the responsibility.

15- Barrel — Beryl 

Barrel: a large round container, usually with curved sides
Beryl: a mineral

  • The participants drank a whole barrel of beer last night.
  • They use blue beryl stone in making jewelry.

Homophones Examples with Sentences

16- Cereal — Serial

Cereal: a plant that produces grain
Serial: relating to a series, row, or rank

  • Wheat cereal is used to make flour or bread. 
  • It would be best if you packed them in the same serial order.

17- Hear — Here

Hear: to receive a sound using ears
Here: in or at this place

  • He can’t hear very well.
  • They said to turn here at the shop.

18- Cache — Cash 

Cash: money in the form of notes and coins
Cache: a number of hidden things

  • The police have discovered a huge arms cache.
  • I will pay by credit card or in cash.

19- Check — Cheque

Check: to examine something
Cheque: a printed form used to make payments

  • Please check all the lights before sleeping.
  • You cannot pay the fees by cheque.

20- Allusion — Illusion

Allusion: reference to
Illusion: a belief that is not true

  • He made an allusion to the last meeting.
  • We have no illusion about the difficulties.

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