25 Examples of Homophones with Sentences (Homophones Used in Sentences)

25 Examples of Homophones with Sentences! Homophones are words with the same pronunciation but different meanings, spellings, or both. In this vocabulary lesson, we will look at 25 examples of homophones with sentences that will help you add more words to your vocabulary.

25 Examples of Homophones with Sentences

25 Examples of Homophones with Sentences

1- Aunt — Aren’t — Ant

  • I have an aunt in India.
  • They aren’t very late.

2- Accept — Except

  • Do they accept your proposal?
  • They work every day except Sunday.

3- Ad — Add — Adze 

  • I don’t allow irrelevant ads on my site.
  • Add some extra rice to the dinner table.
  • If you add six and two, you get eight.
  • In ancient times, the adze blades were made of stone.

4- Adherence — Adherents 

  • The manager noted her for her strict adherence to the law.
  • We should not show opposition to adherents of other faiths.

5- Aerie — Airy 

  • The eagle usually built an aerie in a high and far place.
  • The new rooms of this building are light and airy.

6- Aid — Aide 

  • Every country has provided aid to the victims.
  • She has been an aide to the Prime Minister for five years.

7- Ail — Ale

  • Do you know what ail the industries?
  • She drank several fine of ale.

8- Bail — Bale

  • He was a suspect and is now released on bail of $3000.
  • She has to bale wastepaper for disposal.

9- Baize — Bays 

  • They should cover the table with baize before we start the snooker game.
  • It would be best if you parked your bike in the marked bays.

10- Ball — Bawl

  • He hit the ball over the net.
  • A man always bawls at the crowd to sit down.

11- Band — Banned 

  • Do you know the famous rock band in this city?
  • He was banned from joining a government job for two years.

12- Bard — Barred 

  • Robert Burns is the national bard of Scotland.
  • The committee barred smoking before the meeting.

Homophones Examples with Use in Sentences

13- Baron — Barren

  • His father has been an oil baron of Texas for ten years.
  • They went through a barren landscape.

14- Base — Bass 

  • The company is aiming to expand its customer base.
  • He sings bass.

15- Course — Coarse

  • She did a single course in linguistics at this university.
  • He is molding a coarse metal.

16- Call — Caul

  • I’ll call her again later.
  • The magical caul worn by those women has many properties.

17- Callous — Callus

  • It sounds callous, but we don’t give him any more money.
  • I am unable to work because of the calluses on my palm.

18- Dam — Damn

  • The dam burst two times this winter.
  • Oh damn! I forgot they were going abroad.

19- Deer — Dear

  • I like to watch deer frolic in my garden.
  • I was very dear to her.

20- Die — Dye

  • Their love will never die.
  • You need to dip the material into the dye.

21- Doe — Dough

  • He killed a doe.
  • The dough should be kneaded and left to rise.

22- Eight — Ate

  • Can someone lend me eight dollars?
  • They ate two pizzas yesterday.

23- Emerge — Immerge

  • Problems with these apps are now starting to emerge.
  • The stars immerge into the dark cloud.

24- Erupt — Irrupt

  • The volcano will erupt in the near future.
  • The whole crowd will irrupt in a fervor of one candidate.

25- Fair — Fare

  • Why should I have to clean all rooms? It’s not fair!
  • How did I fare in my exams?


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