30-Sentences with Can, Modal Verb Examples

Where and how do you use can in a sentence? Can is a modal verb used to express ability, possibility, probability, asking or giving permission, and for making requests. Here are 30 sentences with can.

30-Sentences with Can

Positive Sentences 

Subject + Can + Main Verb Base Form
  • I don’t believe he can help me.
  • You can purchase either yellow or red.
  • If the movie is boring, we can always leave.
  • I am doing all that I can, but the baby is still not walking properly. 
  • Nowadays, you can search on google to find the best hotel.
  • I can let you have a cheque tomorrow if that is OK.
  • My dad can understand German quite well.
  • He can take my laptop.
  • He can solve this puzzle.
  • That shelf isn’t too high. You can reach it.
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Negative Sentences with Can

Subject + Cannot/Can’t + Main Verb Base Form
  • ‘I can’t do that,’ he said.
  • You can’t park over in front of that building. 
  • Sara can’t dance very well.
  • You can’t use your phone here. It does not work.
  • I can’t remember anything about it.
  • Plants cannot survive without sunlight.
  • You can’t wear jewelry to school.
  • She can’t stay up till the end of the program. 
  • They cannot come tomorrow.
  • I’m trying to access my Gmail account, but I can’t remember my password.

Interrogative Sentences with Can

Can + Subject + Main Verb Base Form
We can also make interrogative sentences by placing other question words, such as how and what, etc., before can. 
(Question Word) + Can + Subject + Main Verb Base Form
  • Can you slow down the music a little, please? I’m studying.
  • Can I have some more rice?
  • How can I pay my university fee online?
  • Can you send me your documents?
  • Can you smell something burning? 
  • Can you remember what their house number is? 
  • Can I wash my hands here?
  • Can you lift this suitcase?
  • How can I open a new bank account?
  • What can you see? 

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