50 Examples of Present Perfect Continuous Tense

50 Example of present perfect continuous tense! The present perfect continuous tense is formed using have been and has been and the present participle/-ing form of the main verb. In this blog article, you will find 50 examples of positive, negative, and interrogative sentences of the present perfect continuous tense.

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Structure of Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Subject + Has Been/Have Been + Present Participle

Example: He has been studying English since morning.

50 Examples of Present Perfect Continuous Tense (Positive Sentences)

Structure: Subject + Has Been/Have Been + Present Participle

50 Example Sentences of Present Perfect Continuous Tense-1
  1. I have been seeing him for most of the afternoon.
  2. I think he has been waiting for us for two hours. 
  3. Her dad has been working as a mechanical engineer for 30 years.
  4. The man has been walking for over 2 hours.
  5. I have been working continuously since last Monday.
  6. I have been teaching mathematics at this college for twelve years. 
  7. He has been using this laptop for two years.
  8. The mechanic has been trying to fix the bike for hours.
  9. We have been waiting for a court decision for several months.
  10. I have been thinking for hours about what the teacher said.
  11. The owner has been remodelling the hotel recently.
  12. My brother has been trying to sell his car for two years, but no one has said ‘Yes’ so far.
  13. They‘ve been promising to improve the service for months.
  14. I always meet him at that café. We have been going there for years.
  15. This article explains how the weather has been changing.
  16. Many glaciers have been melting for many years.
  17. They have been doing this exercise for a couple of minutes.
  18. He has been holding that ladder for ages.
  19. I‘ve been getting this newspaper every week for two years.
  20. We have been living in Portland since my dad left the bank job.

Examples of Present Perfect Continuous Tense Negative Sentences

Structure: Subject + Has/have + Not Been + Present Participle

  1. I haven’t been getting enough sleep since I started studying at night.
  2. I haven’t been staying here for very long.
  3. He hasn’t been feeling well since last night.
  4. You haven’t been eating much meat. It would be best if you ate more.
  5. He has not been paying all his bills on time.
  6. The government has not been allowing them into the country.
  7. The manager has not been staying close to the bank.
  8. The labour hasn’t been making good progress for one week.
  9. Julia has not been wearing her glasses for one week.
  10. The baby hasn’t been drinking tea since morning.
  11. The students have not been helping me.
  12. She hasn’t been talking to me on the phone for months.

Examples Interrogative Sentences

Structure: Have/Has or Question Word + Have/Has + Subject + Been + Present Participle

50 Example Sentences of Present Perfect Continuous Tense-2
  1. Why has she been rejecting him? 
  2. Where have you been washing your clothes?
  3. Has it been snowing for hours?
  4. How long has she been teaching them?
  5. That watch looks new. Have you been shopping?”
  6. How long have you been living there?
  7. Has your dad been feeling OK?
  8. How long have they been studying together?
  9. Why have the students been lying to the teacher?
  10. Have your children been watching a lot of television lately?
  11. What has the baby been looking at?
  12. Has she been considering the proposal?
  13. Which city has he been visiting every year?
  14. Why haven’t you been studying in this room?
  15. Who has been driving the car?
  16. How often have they been going to the Islands?
  17. How long has she been standing there?
  18. Who‘s been eating my porridge?

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