Examples of Simple Present Tense: 50+ Simple Present Tense Sentences

Examples of Simple Present Tense! The present simple tense is a verb tense that expresses a habitual or repeated action, general truth, etc the following are 50+ sentences of present simple tense in all three forms, i.e., positive, negative, and interrogative. Remember, we add -s or -es to the verb when the subject is singular, and this only happens in positive sentences.

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Examples of Simple Present Tense Affirmative Sentences

50+ Examples of Simple Present Tense (Affirmative, Negative and Interrogative)
  • He owns a burger shop.
  • Those babies eat bananas.
  • Three and three are six.
  • Sara plays the guitar.
  • We play volleyball every Sunday.
  • It never rains in the desert area.
  • Ahmad tells lies.
  • The bus leaves at 7:00 tomorrow morning.
  • I am from India.
  • His father gives private English lessons.
  • My son usually does his homework right after school.
  • The children are never late to school.
  • She has a ribbon around her neck.
  • Ali’s father is a farmer.
  • My brother and I see him every day.
  • Sana has a young brother.
  • The red dress looks lovely on her.
  • Many planets move around the sun.
  • She always wears a red dress.
  • She loves talking about old memories.

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Examples of Present Tense Negative

  • I do not have his phone.
  • His family doesn’t live in this flat anymore.
  • My brother likes mangoes, but I don’t. I hate them.
  • He doesn’t feel well.
  • He doesn’t see himself as brave.
  • You don’t need to answer all questions.
  • He does not like smoking.
  • They do not leave tomorrow.
  • I often don’t drive to work.
  • The water in this river isn’t very clean.
  • We don’t hear the music from far away.
  • The two babies don’t have the same dress?
  • We do not move to our new flat this month.
  • This question isn’t too tricky.
  • Many people don’t believe in life after death.
  • He is not rich and famous.

Interrogative Sentences Examples

The question sentences are formed in present simple tense either with the auxiliary verbs is, am, and are or with question words such as what, who, when, how, etc.

  • How much water do you think this jug contains?
  • Where does she come from?
  • How often do you visit this zoo with your son?
  • Where are you from?
  • What is her mother’s job?
  • Is he British?
  • How much does she get for her house?
  • Do camels have thick skin?
  • Do they work at the weekend?
  • Is British food like Indian?
  • Does she have breakfast with her family every morning?
  • What do Ahmad and Saleem usually do on Sunday?
  • Where do you buy your shoes?
  • What do you do in summer?
  • Is there any juice in the freezer?
  • How much money do you need for admission?
  • Doesn’t she look good in that dress?
  • Is it time to leave?
  • Do you think Ahmad is OK?’ ‘Yes, I do.
  • Do they start work at nine o’clock?