45 Adjectives that Start with W to Describe a Person in English

What are adjectives that start with W to describe a person? Are you looking for words (adjectives) that start with W to describe a person? We’re here to help. We have compiled the best adjectives starting with w to describe someone in English.

Some easy w adjectives to describe someone include well, weak, well-behaved, wise, worried, wonderful, and well-educated.

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What Are Adjectives that Start with W to Describe a Person?

Below is the list of 45 W adjectives that we can use to describe someone easily. This also includes some positive adjectives that can emphasize the good person.

Adjectives that Start with W to Describe a Person
  • Wan
  • Warm-Hearted
  • Weak
  • Weak-Kneed
  • Weak-Minded
  • Wealthy
  • Weary
  • Wedded
  • Weedy
  • Weepy
  • Well
  • Well-Adjusted
  • Well-Advised
  • Well-Balanced
  • Well-Behaved
  • Well-Bred
  • Well-Brought-Up
  • Well-Built
  • Well-Disposed
  • Well-Educated
  • Well-Heeled
  • Well-Informed
  • Well-Mannered
  • Well-Off
  • Well-Qualified
  • Well-Read
  • Well-Spoken
  • Whacked
  • Widowed
  • Wily
  • Wired
  • Wise
  • Withdrawn
  • Witless
  • Woebegone
  • Wonderful
  • Woozy
  • Workmanlike
  • Workshy
  • World-Class
  • World-Famous
  • Worldly-Wise
  • World-Weary
  • Worried
  • Worshipful

Adjectives that Start with W to Describe a Person with Meanings

Warm-Hearted: kind and loving
Weak-Minded: stupid or having a weak mind
Wealthy: A wealthy person has a large amount of money
Well-balanced: a person who is calm and reasonable and shows good judgment
Weary: very tired
Wonderful: extremely good (e.g., a wonderful cook)
Well-adjusted: mentally and emotionally stable
Wise: having the ability to make sound judgments
Well-Read: describes a person who has learned a lot of information on different subjects by reading.
Weedy: describes a person who is physically weak
Weak: not physically strong
Well: in good health, not ill
Worried: unhappy, e.g., with a worried expression or look
Well-Behaved: behaving in a polite way
Well-Educated: Having had a good education
World-Class: as good as the best in the world
World-Famous: famous throughout the world
Wedded: Married
Witless: stupid or not sensible
Well-Mannered: having a reasonable manner, e.g., a well-mannered student
Wired: excited about a future event


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