Examples of Adverbs of Reason in Sentences

Examples of Adverbs of Reason in Sentences! Adverbs of Reason (also called adverbs of purpose) are words that describe or tell the reasons behind the happening of particular occurrences. In this article, we have listed some adverbs of reason with some simple sentences to better understand their meaning and usage.

Must Learn: Adverbial Clause of Reason Definition with Examples

  • Therefore
  • Thus
  •  Hence
  • Because
  • So
  • Why
  • Hence
  • Thus
  • Since
  • Consequently
  • Lest (in case)
  • So that
  • In order to
  • On account of

Examples of Adverb of Reason in Sentences

Examples of Adverb of Reason in Sentences

The following are examples adverbs of reason in sentences—words written in bold in each as an adverb of reason or purpose.

  • He was unable to receive my call, and therefore, I left him alone.
  • The fruits were fresh and hence satisfactory.
  • He therefore left school.
  • We were very hungry last night so we ate pizza.
  • It would be best to leave early because there will be much fog later.
  • Since it was raining all night, I felt very cold the last night.
  • It has been so long since I have met that boy.
  • I can’t eat that food because I’m not fond of it.
  • She gets the award consequently of her best dance at the party.
  • I ran fast so that I didn’t miss the first bus.
  • That little boy is not only clever but also intelligent.
  • We need to go fast so that we can reach there before the speech competition begins.
  • It would be best if you hurried lest you miss the paper.
  • She left her bank job, and as a result, she got a much higher-paying job than that one.
  • I failed some papers, hence I had to start over the semester.
  • Why is it so cold inside this room?
  • Why doesn’t she spend all her money on this business?
  • Take some water lest you feel thirsty.
  • I feel exhausted, thus didn’t go to school today.
  • Since she is busy, I’ll come back later.
  • He will not deliver the lesson today because of a sore throat.

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