Past Tense of Bleed- Bleed Present, Past, Past Participle Forms

Past tense of bleed: The verb bleed is an irregular verb. The past tense and past participle of the bleed are bled. The present participle is bleeding.

Past Tense of Bleed

Meaning: 1) To lose blood 2.  To drain

Verb Bleed Forms V1V2V3

InfinitivePresent/V1Past/V2Past Participle/V3Present Participle
To BleedBleedBledBledBleeding

Verb Bleed Conjugation Indicative Mood

Present Simple Tense

  • I/We bleed
  • He/She/It bleeds
  • You/They bleed

Past Simple Tense

  • I/We bled
  • He/She/It bled
  • You/They bled

Future Simple Tense

  • I/We will bleed
  • He/She/It will bleed
  • You/They will bleed

Present Continuous Tense

  • I am bleeding
  • He/She/It is bleeding
  • We/You/They are bleeding

Past Continuous Tense

  • I was bleeding
  • He/She/It was bleeding
  • We/You/They were bleeding

Future Continuous Tense

  • I/We will be bleeding
  • He/She/It will be bleeding
  • You/They will be bleeding

Present Perfect Tense

  • I/We have bled
  • He/She/It has bled
  • You/They have bled

Past Perfect Tense

  • I/We had bled
  • He/She/It had bled
  • You/They had bled

Future Perfect Tense

  • I/We will have bled
  • He/She/It will have bled
  • You/They will have bled

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

  • I/We have been bleeding
  • He/She/It has been bleeding
  • You/They have been bleeding

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

  • I/We had been bleeding
  • He/She/It had been bleeding
  • You/They had been bleeding

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

  • I/We will have been bleeding
  • You will have been bleeding
  • He/She/It will have been bleeding
  • They will have been bleeding
  • Past Tense of Draw

Bleed Verb Conjugation Subjunctive Mood


  • If I bleed
  • If we bleed
  • If you bleed
  • If he/she/it bleed
  • If they bleed


  • If I bled
  • If we bled
  • If you bled
  • If he (she, it) bled
  • If they bled


  • If I should bleed
  • If we should bleed
  • If you should bleed
  • If he/she/it should bleed
  • If they should bleed

Verb Bleed Example Sentences

  • My hand bled for about two minutes before I put a bandage on the wound.
  • His hands and head were bleeding.
  • Her heart bleeds for the widow.
  • He bled from the face and hands yesterday.

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