What Is the Past Tense of Rise?

The verb rise is intransitive and irregular and describes an action, but the action is self-contained. The past tense of rise is rose, and the past participle is risen. 
Meaning: To come up, increase from a lower 
Infinitive: To rise
Present: Rise (third-person singular rises
Past: Rose
Past Participle: Risen
Present Participle: Rising
Note: Risen is never used in the passive voice.

Verb Rise Conjugation Indicative Mood

Present Simple Tense
  • I rise
  • We rise
  • You rise
  • He/She/It rises
  • They rise
Past Simple Tense
  • I rose
  • We rose
  • You rose
  • He/She/It rose
  • They rose
Future Simple Tense
  • I will rise
  • We will rise
  • You will rise
  • He/She/It will rise
  • They will rise
Present Continuous Tense
  • I am rising
  • We are rising
  • You are rising
  • He/She/It is rising
  • They are rising
Past Continuous Tense
  • I was rising
  • We were rising
  • You were rising
  • He/She/It was rising
  • They were rising
Future Continuous Tense
  • I will be rising
  • We will be rising
  • You will be rising
  • He/She/It will be rising
  • They will be rising
Present Perfect Tense
  • I have risen
  • We have risen
  • You have risen
  • He/She/It has risen
  • They have risen
Past Perfect Tense
  • I had risen
  • We had risen
  • You had risen
  • He/She/It had risen
  • They had risen
Future Perfect Tense
  • I will have risen
  • We will have risen
  • You will have risen
  • He/She/It will have risen
  • They will have risen
Present Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I have been rising
  • We have been rising
  • You have been rising
  • He/She/It has been rising
  • They have been rising
Past Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I had been rising
  • We had been rising
  • You had been rising
  • He/She/It had been rising
  • They had been rising
Future Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I will have been rising
  • We will have been rising
  • You will have been rising
  • He/She/It will have been rising
  • They will have been rising

Verb Rise Conjugation Subjunctive Mood

  • If I rise
  • If we rise
  • If you rise
  • If he/she/it rise
  • If they rise
  • If I rose
  • If we rose
  • If you rose
  • If he/she/it rose
  • If they rose
  • If I should rise
  • If we should rise
  • If you should rise
  • If he/she/it should rise
  • If they should rise
Rise Conditional
  • I should/would rise
  • We should/would rise
  • You would rise you
  • He/She/It would rise
  • They would rise
  • I should/would have risen
  • We should/would have risen
  • You would have risen
  • He/She/It would have risen
  • They would have risen
Example Sentences:
  • I usually rise before dawn.
  • The sun rises later in the morning these days.
  • The older man rose to his feet and walked out of the hall.
  • My cousin has risen to the position of professor very quickly.
  • The sun was rising above the building.

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