10 Examples of Phrases and Clauses

10 Examples of Phrases and Clauses! In English, phrases and clauses are two different concepts. A clause contains a subject (performer of the action) and a verb; a phrase does not. For example, noun phrase: the flower behind the house (does not contain a subject and verb) and noun clause: why the man slept in the garden behind the house (contains the subject the man and the verb slept). In this section, we will look at 10 examples of phrases and clauses with their definitions to clarify their difference and meanings.

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List of 10 Examples of Phrases and Clauses with Definitions

10 Examples of Phrases and Clauses

Phrase: A phrase refers to a word group that doesn’t have a subject and a verb. It makes sense, but not complete sense.

10 Examples of Phrases

  1. It was covered with clouds and dark.
  2. Stir the sugar syrup with a spoon made of wood.
  3. They give each other a very small flower.
  4. I have left the books over at that place.
  5. They have lived in this place for many years.
  6. We could live fairly in a comfortable manner on his salary.
  7. The two brother runs their business in an efficient manner.
  8. We were waiting in an impatient manner for the match to begin.
  9. The professor is the friend of the president of the country.
  10. No student, even the monitor of the class, is allowed here.

Clause: A clause refers to a word group that forms part of a sentence and consists of a subject and a predicate.

10 Examples of Clauses

  1. We live in a flat which has three stories.
  2. After we came, all the office staff left.
  3. I don’t know who won the speech competition.
  4. As they left the school, they hired a taxi for home.
  5. This person is trying to rob me of my name, which is a fact I cannot live with.
  6. That day, she knew that she had to study the only topic I could learn.
  7. The herd follows wherever the man turns them.
  8. I don’t know how they plotted their lives together.
  9. Because he is sleeping late, he will miss the train.
  10. I loved the pizza at this restaurant, which was the last food I ate there.

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