20 Examples of Adjective Phrases in English: Adjectival Phrase Examples

20 Examples of Adjective Phrases in English! The phrases are small groups of words that go together. They are never complete sentences, and they never have both subjects and verbs. for example, “I put the book on the table.” In this sentence, the group of words “on the table” is a phrase that answers the question “where.”

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What is an adjective phrase? An adjective phrase is a word group forming a unit and doing the work of an adjective in a sentence. They consist of an adjective, all words that modify it, and its complements.

What Are the 20 Examples of Adjective Phrases in English?

20 Examples of Adjective Phrases
  • 1 A man wearing black clothes robbed the house. (The adjective phrase qualifying the noun ‘man’)
  • 2 Mr. John Dove is an extremely irritating man.
  • 3 He owns quite a surprisingly large and beautiful house on that street. (The adjectival phrase describes the noun house)
  • 4 His success in the test was absolutely unbelievable.
  • 5 It was a very big shopping mall.
  • 6 He is fairly tall.
  • 7 The restaurant is quite attractive but not what We’d call excellent.
  • 8 My brother made our whole family very proud.
  • 9 That black car belongs to us.
  • 10 I found several pages in this book with no writing on it.
  • 11 It was our favorite movie, but we had not watched it for many days.
  • 12 He is a really talented boy.
  • 13 He is such a strong man.
  • 14 He owns an elephant of great strength.
  • 15 He felt alone in the village.
  • 16 I always saw her face with a smile on it.
  • 17 His family lived in a house built of mud.
  • 18 I saw her in great difficulties yesterday.
  • 19 They have a garden with colorful shady trees inside the house.
  • 20 A fog of black color spread over the whole city.

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