20 Examples of Hyphenated Compound Words

20 Examples of Hyphenated Compound Words! Words with hyphens between them are called hyphenated compound words. Each word in a hyphenated compound word has its own meaning, but when we joined them, they made a new word with a different meaning; for example, the word “house-room” is a hyphenated compound word which consists of two words “house” and “room.” In this article, you’ll explore 20 examples of hyphenated compound words in English with examples.

List of 20 Hyphenated Compound Words in English

20 Examples of Hyphenated Compound Words
  1. Art-House
  2. Cross-Section
  3. Dining-Room
  4. Eye-Opener
  5. Father-In-Law
  6. Game-changer
  7. House-Room
  8. Living-Room
  9. Load-Shedding
  10. Machine-Gun
  11. Mother-in-law
  12. Old-timer
  13. Pick-Up
  14. Roly-Poly
  15. Side-Wheeler
  16. Sun-God
  17. Tea-House
  18. Walk-Through
  19. Write-Up
  20. Death-Defying

Examples of Hyphenated Compound Words and Examples

  • The film was a hit and played the art-house in the UK.
  • That diagram represents a cross-section of the human hearth.
  • They have a large house with a kitchen, living room, dining-room, and four bedrooms. Traveling around different European countries was a real eye-opener for all of us.
  • After the speech competition ended, her father-in-law came up to hug him.
  • The new house was a game-changer in our relationship.
  • Most of these things are useless; we wouldn’t give them a house-room.
  • We were sitting in the living-room watching TV. 
  • The officials have implemented a scheduled load-shedding for two days in a week.
  • We heard the sound of machine-gun fire yesterday evening.
  • The club always has one or two old-timers and some new faces.
  • The pick-up point has now been changed to the new bus station.
  • He was a short, roly-poly man with laughing eyes
  • They discovered many different pieces of marble on the floor of the tea-house.
  • The actor begins a walk-through of a play and carries out several actions on stage.
  • The guide paper contains a short write-up of every place in the city.
  • We enjoyed watching a death-defying leap from an aircraft.

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