50 Sentences of Future Continuous Tense

50 Sentences of Future Continuous Tense! The future continuous tense, also called the future progressive, is used when we refer to an action that will be ongoing for some time in the future.

We make this tense with the auxiliary verbs will + be and the -ing or continuous form of the main verb.

List of 50 Sentences of Future Continuous Tense (Affirmative, Negative and Interrogative)

Future Continuous Tense Examples (Positive Sentences)

Future Continuous Tense Examples (Positive Sentences)
  1. The poem will be writing for the benefit of all students.
  2. They will be waiting for you.
  3. Their family will be leaving at 7:00.
  4. They will be cluttering the room.
  5. The strong wind will be rustling the trembling limbs.
  6. The game will be starting on time.
  7. They will be appearing on every TV channel.
  8. Their bus will be following ours.
  9. The disease will be affecting everyone in this village.
  10. We will be going down to the lovely Sur Rivers.
  11. They will be making a lot of money this winter.
  12. Look for him by the entry. He will be wearing a black coat.
  13. The shop will be opening a new store downtown this year.
  14. Our cricket team will be working hard to win.
  15. We will be treating ourselves to dinner tonight.
  16. Tomorrow I will be flying to London.
  17. At approximately 5:30, the sun will be sinking behind the horizon.
  18. She will be watching the clock.
  19. The fields will be producing more wheat than we expect.

Negative Sentence of Future Continuous Tense

Negative Sentence of Future Continuous Tense
  1. The wings of the dream will not be breaking the lonely heart.
  2. The tour company will not be providing lunch.
  3. I will not be thinking of much besides the exam.
  4. We will not be reading this subject this term.
  5. The students will not be needing any more help with their homework.
  6. We will not be driving to the big city.
  7. We will not be arriving until midnight.
  8. They will not be taking him to the hospital.
  9. We will not be waiting for you in the hotel.
  10. Julie and Ahmad will not be attending the same college.
  11. The professor will not be representing the whole organization at the meeting.
  12. The man will not be joining them this afternoon.
  13. He will not be living by herself.

Interrogative Sentence of Future Continuous Tense

Interrogative Sentence of Future Continuous Tense
  1. Will she be listening to music?
  2. Will they be planning to give her a surprise birthday gift?
  3. Will the doctor be seeing our patient next week?
  4. Will the doctor be checking my hemoglobin daily?
  5. Will you be travelling by train?
  6. Will they be doing anything I ask them?
  7. Will I be seeing her next summer?
  8. Will the company be offering special packages for us at the end of this year?
  9. Will they be staying in that hotel?
  10. Will he be arriving in time for the party?
  11. Will it be snowing in those mountains?

Future Continuous Tense Wh Questions Examples

  1. What will they be doing for a living?
  2. Who will be running for office next year?
  3. Who will be taking notes?
  4. Who will be receiving this significant award?
  5. When will you be finishing your degree?
  6. Where will my friends be sleeping?
  7. How far will she be driving her car on her first time?

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