20 Examples of Present Perfect Continuous Tense

20 Examples of Present Perfect Continuous Tense! We use the present perfect continuous or present perfect progressive tense to refer to an action, a state, or an action or event that started in the past but is still ongoing. We make this tense using has been or have been and the present participle, also called the -ing of the main verb. for example, subject + has/have + been + present participle.

This blog post will explore 20 examples of present perfect continuous tense affirmative, negative, and interrogative.

20 Examples of Present Perfect Continuous Tense Affirmative, Negative and Interrogative

20 Examples of Present Perfect Continuous Tense
  1. The new cabinet policies have been causing much confusion.
  2. Shella has been exercising for two hours.
  3. She has been expecting her classmate’s arrival before 9:00.
  4. Has the wide road been reducing the accidents?
  5. My friends have been drinking a lot of coffee these days.
  6. My brother has been riding the bike to school for one year.
  7. My family has been exploring our new home.
  8. The students have been helping each other with all their homework.
  9. The baby boy has been complaining about your sore eyes all night.

Negative and Interrogative Sentences of Present Perfect Continuous Tense

  1. Has the loud music sound been bothering you?
  2. What have you been planning for summer vacation?
  3. They haven’t been finishing their work on time.
  4. He hasn’t been paying his electricity bills on time.
  5. How often have you been washing your car?
  6. How has your father been feeling lately?
  7. How long have you been attending this college?
  8. They have not been ignoring the matter.
  9. They have not been buying those flour for one year.
  10. His health hasn’t been improving much since one week.
  11. Where have the scientists been traveling? They have been traveling all over Asia.

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