20 Sentences Using Adjectives: Adjectives in Sentences

20 sentences using adjectives! Are you wondering how you use English adjectives in sentences? To completely understand the concept, let’s take an example of the noun shoes. But we know that not all shoes are the same. If someone asked me to buy you shoes, I would want to know a little bit more about them before buying them. Is it old? New? Large? Small? Black? White? Aggressive? Knowing some details about the shoes I want to buy would help me identify the particular shoes we were looking for. This is where adjectives come in. Adjectives describe nouns. The shoes I am looking for might be durable, attractive, and last longer. So, like this example, everything has bad or good qualities, and we use different types of words to describe them. Those words are adjectives, but how do you use adjectives in sentences? In this article, we will explore 20 sentences using adjectives to describe different nouns in English.

List of 20 Sentences Using Adjectives in English

20 Sentences Using Adjectives
LittleShe is my little sister.
BritishI love reading British newspapers.
RosyThe little girl’s cheeks haven’t regained their rosy color until now.
BeatableThe heart is a beatable tool.
BigThat big dog is continuously barking.
NeatAhmad’s handwriting is very neat.
SmallThe baby’s shoes are very small.
HighHe is climbing up a high mountain.
LargeA large crowd is waiting outside the examination hall.
CarelessHe is a careless person in our department.
EnormousI saw several enormous dogs in the street.
LeatherWe went to a shop yesterday and bought some leather shoes.
ShockingThe final few scenes in this film were really shocking.
UniqueThat boy has a unique presenting style.
PerfectLet’s go for a walk. The weather outside is perfect.
QuickerAll of my friends are quicker than me.
WhichWhich book do you want?
InterestedHe isn’t interested in this hard work anymore.
SurprisedWe were surprised that she passed the examination.
UpsetHe is looking upset today. Does anyone of you know what was wrong?

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